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College of Social Sciences

Women's Studies

Woman’s Studies presents as exciting opportunity to anyone who wants to know more about the impact of gender on their lives and the world. The focus on a core aspect of all our identities makes the field personally rewarding and socially important. Attentiveness to diversity, power, and women’s unique creative contributions to human experience are central aspects of this training. Women’s Studies at Fresno State is a well established and growing program. The faculty work closely with students in order to help foster their success. Students also find a sense of community and leadership opportunities through participation in P.O.W.E.R.: The Women’s Studies Student Organization.

Students find the scholarship in Women’s Studies valuable to a variety of educational and career goals. Many Women’s Studies students report their classes enhanced their self-esteem and confidence. Nationally, Women’s Studies students have established successful careers in a variety of fields from diversity studies to law, k-12 to graduate studies, biology to nursing, the creative arts to telecommunications, criminology to victim services, business and management to social change organization, history to philosophy, and health and human services to social services. At Fresno State, among a sampling of our recent graduates you will find those who have been accepted into prestigious national Ph.D. programs, established businesses, become teachers, and developed professional careers in variety of social services.

The program at Fresno State offers both a major and minor. Many of our students choose Women’s Studies as their primary field. Other students choose Women’s Studies as a double major to complement a primary field or discipline. Double majors say their first