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Child and Family Science

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Child and Family Science Minor Requirements

A Minor in Child and Family Science consists of 21 units, of which 12 must be upper-division. The minor program must include CFS 31, 39, and 153. The remaining coursework for the minor will be determined in consultation with an adviser, and must be certified by the student's CFS adviser and the department chair. The certified minor program is filed with the university's Degree Advising Office once all minor coursework is completed. Some CFS courses (CFS 37, 130W, 139, 140, 193) are restricted to majors and not open to minors. Students must formally add the CFS Minor before being allowed to enroll in upper-division restricted classes. Students are required to earn a grade of C or better in all minor courses.

What is it called?

For standing with a catalog year of 2015 or earlier, our minor is called “Family and Consumer Science.” For those with a catalog year 2016 or later, the minor is called “Child and Family Science.”

How do I declare the minor?

To add a minor, you must use the Change of Major form. It is available in Joyal, or online at

Fresno State students are allowed to have up to two minors. You can add a minor by completing the form and you do not need an advisor to sign off, except under one condition. If you have already completed 90 units or more (called “units added” on your DPR) then you must have an advisor sign off that you will be able to complete your major and this new minor within a total of 144 units. If you can’t do it within 144, then you are not allowed to add the minor.

What classes can I take for the minor?

The minor is 21 units (7 classes). This is what we recommend:

These three classes are required:

  • CFS 39 – Introduction to Child Development (take first, it’s a prereq for others)
  • CFS 31 – Families in America
  • CFS 153 – Research Methods

Choose four more from this list:

  • CFS 38 – Lifespan Development
  • CFS 100 – Child and Family Science
  • CFS 137 – Infant Toddler Development
  • CFS 138 – Early Childhood Development
  • CFS 136 – Adolescence
  • CFS 135 – Parenting Education
  • CFS 134 – Culture & Diversity
  • CFS 143S – Children at Risk
  • CFS 150 – Law & Policy
  • CFS 176 – Family Life Education
  • COUN 150 – Laws Relating to Children

Can I use any other classes?

Maybe. For instance, some students have lower division child development classes from community college. Others have taken classes here at Fresno State that they think are relevant. You can meet with an advisor who will look at your specific history, and consider your particular career goals in order to decide. But please keep in mind that 21 units is a very narrow slice of your education. Therefore, if our department is going to grant you that minor, then we can only vouch for it if the vast majority of the classes are actually from our department.

Are there any other restrictions I should know about?

A class cannot count in both your major and your minor.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Yes. After you have taken the classes you need for your minor, you need to see an advisor in the College of Social Sciences Advising Center ( in order to have them complete the memo telling the Degree Advising Office exactly which classes you used for your minor.

Minor Degrees are offered in Child and Family Science. These minors are tailored to fit each student’s specific educational and career goals. For more information, please contact the College of Social Sciences Advising Center at

*Currently, there are no Certificate options.