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Child and Family Science

Aimee Rickman, Assistant Professor in Child and Family Science

Aimee Rickman

Office: FFS 205

Phone: 559-278-1660 


Education: B.A. College of Communication, Marquette University;
M.Ed. Department of Educational Psychology (Emphasis: Quantitative & Evaluative Research Methodologies), University of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign; Ph.D. Human & Community Development (Emphasis: Human Development & Family Studies),
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Experience and Research:  Aimee Rickman is a critical interdisciplinary scholar of youth, technology, culture, marginality, identity, and gender. 

Her research considers cultural constructions of adolescence, the social shaping and infrastructures of youth and technologies, algorithms, and young people's technological involvements within specific historical, economic, social, cultural, and material contexts.

Centering the experiences of young people within adolescence, her recent book, Adolescence, Girlhood, and Media Migration: U.S. Teens’ Use of Social Media to Negotiate Offline Struggles (Lexington, 2018), is an ethnography that draws from 12-months of fieldwork with diverse rural, teenaged young women, tracing the roots of girls’ social media practices back to their offline experiences as marginalized members of US society. The book details factors inspiring teens involvement in “media migration” as they moved to and through online spaces attempting to individually negotiate better terms for their lives than they felt they could earn, argue for, or otherwise secure offline. She is lead coordinator of the CSUF’s US Millennials: Imaginaries and Realities Faculty Learning Community (FLC), and she directs the Youth + Social Media Research Lab.