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Current Schedule

Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Schedule
Instructor Class Title
Lori Clune HIST 200A Introduction to Graduate Research and Historiography
DeAnna Reese HIST 210T Historical Interpretations of American Immigration
Daniel Cady HIST 210T White Nationalism in American History
Julia Shatz HIST 220T Britain and the World
William Skuban HIST 230T US-Latin American Relations
  HIST 299A/B Thesis
  HIST 299C Thesis Continuation


Future Schedules

Spring 2022


Spring 2022 Future Schedule
Instructor Class Title
Ethan Kytle 200B Intro to Grad Research
Jill Fields 210T Blacks and Jews
Lori Clune 210T Cold War Culture
Mark Arvanigian 220T Religion and Society, Britain and France
Danny Kim 230T Gender and Feminism in East Asia

Fall 2022 (Specific Topics to be determined)

HIST 210T  Kytle
HIST 220T   Lopez

HIST 230T Lopes

HIST 200A  Shatz

HIST 297 Kim


Spring 2023 (Specific Topics to be determined)

HIST 210T  Roberts

HIST 220T   Jones
HIST 230T   Skuban
HIST 200B  Lopes