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Brian Griffith

Assistant Professor

Brian Griffith

Office: Social Sciences 118


Office Phone: 

Professional Website:


Ph.D. - University of California, Santa Barbara (2020)
M.A. - San Francisco State University (2011)
B.A. - Sonoma State University (2008)

Fall 2024

Course Days/Times
HIST 21 - World History II TTH 11:00 - 12:15 pm
HIST 21 - World History II TTH 12:30 - 1:45 pm
HIST 135 - European Cultural History TTH 3:30 - 4:45 pm

Spring 2025

Course Days/Times
HIST 136 - Interwar Crisis MWF 9:00 - 9:50 am
HIST 137 - Modern Italy MWF 10:00 - 10:50 am
HIST 220T - Eating and Drinking under Totalitarianism W 6:00 - 8:50 pm

  • Political / Cultural History of Italian Fascism
  • Food and Beverage History
  • History of (Trans)nationalism
  • Digital and Public History

Articles and Book Chapters:

"'Propaganda for Our Italy': Ruth Williams Ricci, Gendered Mobility, and Fascist Italy’s African Empire, 1935-1941" in Andrea Germer and Jasmin Rückert, eds., Gendering Fascism: Organisations, Bodies, Representations (Leiden: Brill, 2024)

"(Inter)National Spirits: On the Cultural Politics of the 'Cocktail Craze' in Fascist Italy, 1920s-1930s" in David Inglis and Hang Kei Ho, eds., Drinks in Vogue: Exploring the Changing Worlds of Fashions and Beverages (New York: Routledge, 2024)

“Journey to Fascism” in Hoover Digest: Research + Commentary on Public Policy No. 4 (October 2022): 201-219

"Bacchus among the Blackshirts: Wine Making, Consumerism and Identity in Fascist Italy, 1919-1937" in Contemporary European History 29:4 (November 2020): 394-415

  • Winner of the 2021 SIHS Article Prize for Modern Italian History

Co-authored with Sarah A. Curtis and Jason Lahman, "Blogging in the Classroom: Using a Blog as a Supplemental Resource" in Perspectives on History: The Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association (April 1, 2012) 


  • World History
  • Europe in the 20th Century
  • European Cultural History
  • The Holocaust


  • Comparative Fascisms

Cultivating Fascism: Wine, Politics, and Identity in Mussolini's Italy
This monograph explores the history of winemaking, dictatorship, and identity construction in Benito Mussolini's Italy.

Edited Volume:
Co-edited with Dr. Marla Susan Stone, From Red Spain to Fascist Prison: The Memoirs of Italo Orciani, 1937-1946
This edited volume will feature the heretofore unknown and unpublished Spanish Civil War memoir by Italo Orciani, who fought for Republic Spain in the International Brigades and was subsequently imprisoned by Benito Mussolini's dictatorship upon his return to Italy.

Digital Archive:
Co-curated with Dr. Amy King, Where Monsters Are Born: Documenting a Fascist Revival in the Streets of Rome, 2018-2019
This digital archive will feature a collection of neo-fascist posters, handbills, stickers, and other quotidian materials that I gathered in Rome between 2018 and 2019 in order to help the general public better recognize the aesthetic and memory strategies of contemporary neo-fascists in Italy and beyond.