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Melissa Jordine


Dr. Melissa Jordine

Ph. D. - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (1998)
M.A. - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (1995)
B.A. - Western Illinois University (1993)

Research/Teaching Interests:

German intervention in N. Africa, World War II in Europe and North Africa, Modern Germany, and the Holocaust

Select Publications:

Dispute Over Gibraltar, edited by James Matray & Christian Green, for the Arbitrary Borders: Political Boundaries in World History series (Chelsea House Publishers, 2006)

"A Practical Compromise to Teaching World History: Thematic Bridges, Standards, and Technology." World History Connected. June 2008. Co-authored with Maritere Lopez.> (21 Oct. 2009)

“Jordine, Melissa. “A Holocaust Exhibit ePortfolio: Actively Engaging Students” The International Journal of ePortfolio (Volume 5, No. 1, 2015).

Book Reviews:

Jordine, Melissa. 'A' Force: The Origins of British Deception during the World War" Michigan War Studies Review, 22 August, 2014.

Jordine, Melissa. “The Legacy of El Alamein” The Journal of Military History Volume 81, No. 4, October 2017.

Courses Offered:


  • World History I & II
  • Modern Germany
  • The Holocaust
  • 20th Century Dictatorships
  • Warfare in the Western World


  • Blitzkrieg
  • World War II
  • Holocaust Legacy

Work in Progress:

I have continued to research British and German military actions in North Africa. I am also currently researching and writing about assessment initiatives at Fresno State.