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Spring 2010, Volume 4

Hindsight Graduate History Journal is published annually by the graduate students of the Department of History at California State University, Fresno. All views of fact or opinion are the sole responsibility of the authors and may not be reflect the views of the editorial staff.

Hindsight Graduate History Journal editorial board wishes to thank the College of Social Sciences and the Division of Graduate Studies at California State University, Fresno for providing funding.

Table of Contents:

"God Will Put a Hook in that Man's Jaws, So that He Cannot Preach": Religious Intolerance and the American Transcendentalists
Daniel Dillard
Florida State University

"We Are One Family": Woman Work in the Chinese Anti-Japanese Communist Bases (1937-1945)
Yan Xu
Ohio State University

World War II Newsreels: The Legacy of Yellow Journalism
Jessica L. Szalay
California State University, Fresno

America's Republican Valhalla Vanished: The Rise and Fall of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans
Daniel Saperstein, Esq.
Columbia University

The American Medication Nation: 1980 to Present
Lucas Richert
University of London

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