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Spring 2012, Volume 6

Hindsight Graduate History Journal is published annually by the graduate students of the Department of History at California State University, Fresno. All views of fact or opinion are the sole responsibility of the authors and may not be reflect the views of the editorial staff.

Hindsight Graduate History Journal editorial board wishes to thank the College of Social Sciences and the Division of Graduate Studies at California State University, Fresno for providing funding.


Table of Contents:

Opportunity and Saudade: Azorean-Portuguese Immigrants in Post-World War II California

Felicia Angeja Viator

University of California, Berkeley


The American University in Cairo and Egyptian Education Law 160: Insights into the Political Atmosphere under the Rule of Gama Abd elNassar

Cara K. Lane

The American University in Cairo

 The Law Knows no Heresy: Jewish Communal Autonomy and the American Court System

Jason Schulman

Emory University

"Our being here is really a small part": Japanese American Internee Newspapers during World War II and the Rhetoric of Patriotic Sacrifice

Tiffany Polfer

California State University, Fresno

The British Royal Airforce: a Faulty Foundation and the Decision to Survive, 1918-40

Zachary J. Zweigle

Linwood University

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