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Certificate in Southeast Asian Studies

The Certificate of Southeast Asian Studies requires a minimum of 12 units. Select from the following upper-division courses:
ANTH 123, 190; ARTH 140, 143, 190; ASAM 110S, 138, 140, 190; GEOG 177T; HMONG 100, 101; LING 121; SWRK 181I.

The Minor and the Certificate in Southeast Asian Studies focus on the cultures and peoples of Southeast Asia, and on their communities outside Southeast Asia, especially those in the United States. For further information, contact the Asian American Studies coordinator in the Department of Anthropology at 559.278.3002.

Center for Southeast Asian and Asian American Studies

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies at California State University at Fresno, was established in the Spring of 1995. The Center for Southeast Asian Studies is a multi-disciplinary unit designed to help foster a greater awareness of Southeast Asia at the university. The development of the Southeast Asian Center has been ranked a priority in the agenda of the University future plan.

The Southeast Asian people in the Valley, in particular people from Laos, are one of the fastest growing communities, and yet they are the least understood cultural groups in the region. The Center will help to build a bridge of understanding between these different groups and other communities. The Center's scholarly activities will bring appreciation and respect for Southeast Asia to the campus community, as well as contribute to the empowerment of the Southeast Asian students, the future leaders of their communities.

Center Coordinator, Dr. Henry Delcore.

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