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Degrees and Programs

The Anthropology Program Goals

  • To provide students with a clear conception of human variability and its implications, enabling them to understand and deal with lifestyles other than those of Mainstream America.
  • To provide students with the broad intellectual skills that are essential to the widest range of professional careers.
  • To provide students who wish to pursue a professional career in anthropology with a thorough preparation for graduate work in major doctoral programs.

Undergraduate Degree

The Department offers a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology. Both the Anthropology major and minor offer a varied but well-structured exposure to all four subfields of the discipline. The major consists of two parts.

The core curriculum introduces both data and theory in a logical sequence of courses from basic to advanced and includes an introduction to Anthropological fieldwork. The four degree tracks are intended to prepare students for specific careers in the following areas: education, cultural resources management, social services, or post-secondary teaching. The minor is a briefer but balanced survey of the discipline, designed to complement any major whose graduates need to understand and deal with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Degree Minor Information

Asian American Studies

The Asian American Studies Program offers a minor with classes that focus upon the history and contemporary experience of Asians in the United States. These courses explore themes in local and ethnic history, trans-Pacific contact, cultural change and adaptation, and interethnic relations. Those who major in business, social science, international relations, and the human service professions recognize their relevance.

For assistance, please contact the ASAM Coordinator: Dr. Jenny Banh, 

Certificate in Asian Studies 

For assistance, please contact the ASAM Coordinator: Dr. Jenny Banh, 

American Indian Studies Minor

The American Indian Studies Minor is designed to foster culturally appropriate knowledge and skills for those who may work for federal and/or state agencies having American Indian Constituents, and/or tribes, tribal health centers, tribal organizations, urban Indian organizations, or national Indian organizations.

For assistance, please contact Dr. Leece Lee-Oliver at 559.278.5839 or 


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