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Where are they now: 220+ Alumni since 2001 

Your  contribution  assists  Humanics@FresnoState  in developing  the next generation  of leaders  for Community Benefit Organizations in Central CA. About 70% of our alumni are working in Central CA. Here's a partial listing of our Alumni & where they are now:


◊ Rachael (Scott) Abude, SES Program Specialist, Reading & Beyond

◊ Rico Aguayo, Former Member, Fowler City Council

◊ Kelvin Alfaro, Sr. Program Officer, Central Valley Community Foundation

◊ Jane Alvarado, Project Coordinator, California Project LEAN

◊ Cindy Ballesteros, Grant Analyst, Central Valley Health Policy Institute

◊ Barbara Beauchamp, Director, Palm Village Senior Network

◊ Tricia Bell, Executive Director at Girls on the Run Sutter County

◊ Alyssa Boyles, Sales & Marketing Director, Fresno Life Magazine

◊ Amardeep (Brar) Prasad, Development Manager, Fuse Corps  

◊ Christina Briones, Research & Dev. Director, The Eternity Challenge, Inc.

◊ Janice Brown, Director, Services for Students w/ Disabilities (CSUF)

◊ Elizabeth Camarena, Internal Worksite Organizer, SEIU Local 521 (Kern)

◊ Coreen (Aguilar) Campos, CEO, Focus Forward

◊ Barbara Castleman, PsyD, Psychologist, Mental Health Clinician, Exceptional Parents Unlimited

◊ Stephen D. Jackson, II, School Director, CA Institute of Medical Science

◊ Yekta Karimi, Senior Consultant, IBM (Public Sector Clients), Wash., D.C.

◊ Gabrielle Kirkland, Board Member, Palm Village Retirement Community

◊ Elizabeth Kuykendall, Vice President, Kuykendall Solar Corporation 

◊ Susana Tzintzun Lopez, Teacher, Fresno Unified School District

◊ Jill McCarthy, Community Development Coordinator, Hinds Hospice

◊ Deshawn Larrimore, Resident Child Care Worker, McKinley Children s Ctr

◊ Kham Lee, Medical Social Worker, Hinds Hospice

◊ Sylvia Leyva,  Advising Specialist, West Hills Community College

◊ Rosalba Lopez Ramirez, Community Garden Steward, Kelly St. Garden (NY)

◊ Millie Medina, Program Manager, CV Cal-SOAP, Fresno State Foundation

◊ Jonathan Munoz, Coordinator, Ronald McDonald House (Central Valley)

◊ Adrian Murillo, Head Coach, Bullard Youth Football & Kratt Elementary

◊ Marcela Neri, Board Member, HandsOn Central California

◊ Koua Cha, Divisional Manager, Dept of Surgery, Mt. Sinai Medical Center  ◊ Christina Noori, Artistic Development Coord., Academy of Art University

◊ Shelly Cha, Business System Analyst, Fresno County Office of Education

◊ Mor Chang, Executive Director, Healing Hope (Fresno)

◊ Daniel Cisneros, Community Organizer at Communities for a New CA

◊ Isela Conchas, Social Worker, Fresno County (Mendota)

◊ Israel J. Cortez, Outreach Recruiter, College Assistance Migrant Program

◊ Anthony Dakuras, Founder, Santa Maria All-American Wrestling

◊ Sarina DeLaRosa, Instructional Aide, Washington Colony (Fresno)

◊ Camile Duria, Program Support Specialist, CA Institute for Mental Health  

◊ Jenna FauntLeRoy, Marketing Director, Functional Integrated Therapy Medical Corp.

◊ Faviola (Fernandez) Williams, Statewide Coordinator, New America Media 

◊ Dominique Flores, Counselor, Family Life Center (San Francisco)

◊ Paulina Flores Jimenez, Peace Corps Health Volunteer, Albania

◊ Leslie Gacad, former Volunteer Coord., Community Food Bank

◊ Grizelva Garcia, Site Manager, Jumpstart Fresno (Fresno State)

◊ Jeff Garner, Executive Director, Kings Community Action Organization

◊ Adrian Gomez, Housing Program Coordinator, Fresno Housing Authority

◊ Adriana Gomez, former Mgr., Fresno Accreditation Institute, Children's Services Network

◊ Cassandra Gomez, Program Coordinator, UCSF-Fresno Latino Center

◊ Anya Goosev, Volunteer Coord, American Red Cross Central Valley  

◊ Brenda Noriega, Community Organizer, Faith In Community

◊ Ruth Obel-Jorgensen, Exec Direct., CA School-Age Consortium (Oakland)

◊ Lupe Orosco, Mental Health Therapist, Tulare Youth Service Bureau, Inc .

◊ Tania Pacheco Werner, Ph.D., Consultant, Visions, Inc. (Lecturer, Fresno State)

◊ Sarah Parkes, Program Director, SJ River Parkway & Conservation Trust

◊ Savino Perico, Volunteer Coord, Kings Community Action Organization

◊ Darcy Pickens, Independent Contractor/Consultant (Public Health/CBOs)

◊ Vicente Perez, DOL CORPS Case Manager, Fresno Co. EOC LCC

◊ Amardeep (Brar) Prassad, Development Manager, Fuse Corps (SF)

◊ Walter Ramirez, Program Manager, Fresno Barrios Unidos

◊ Susan Renfro, Internet Marketing Coordinator at The Salvation Army 

◊ Karina Reynoso, RN, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Monterey Co.

◊ Laura Rodriguez, Mgr., Health & Wellness Services, Delta Health Systems  

◊ Nicole Rouse, Site Support Manager, Jumpstart, Greater Los Angeles

◊ Charice (Rumelhart) Nusse, Fund Development Coord, Hinds Hospice

◊ Jasmin Serrano Campos, Social Worker, Northstar Foster Family Agency

◊ Ernesto Saavedra, Community Organizer, Californians for Justice  

◊ Brianna Samuelson, Development Coordinator , Calvin Crest Conferences

◊ Karen Schwarzenbach, Clinical Therapist, Tulare County Mental Health  

◊ Estela Acebedo Gonzalez, Grad. Assist, Humanics/Sociology, Fresno State  

◊ Natischa (Shaver) Volpe, Research Associate, Excellence in Giving, LLC 

◊ Fabiola Gonzalez, Deputy Director, First 5 Fresno County

◊ Matt Grijalva, Teacher and Coach, Delano High

◊ Marciano Gutierrez, Teacher, Alta Vista High School (Mountain View, CA)

◊ Marla Hartman, Board Member, Fresno Regional Foundation

◊ Jasolyn Harris, Medical Social Worker, Children's Hospital (Oakland)

◊ Tara Hawthorne, Fresno County Sheriff s Office 

◊ Kate Henry, Project Manager, Zimmerman Boys & Girls Club, Fresno Co.

◊ Julie (Hallam) Herd, Mgr. of Business Dev. & Mktg, Madera Co. EDC

◊ Jerry Her, HR Assistant, USDA-Agricultural Research, Ft. Collins, CO  

◊ Geneva Skram, Assoc. Dir. of Development, Fresno State (Science & Math)

◊ Brandi Sidney, Event Outreach Specialist, American Cancer Society-Fresno

◊ Maggie Simms, Disability Management Advisor, Sonoma State University  

◊ Gregory Sly, ABA Therapist at GOALS for Autism, Inc. (Bay Area)

◊ Ambar Alvarez Soto, Coordinator, Transfer Admissions, Fresno State

◊ Michelle Swift, Program & Social Media Manager at Warnors Center

◊ Chia Thao, Lecturer, Department of Public Health, Fresno State

◊ Charity Tokash, Systems Change Advocate, Resources for Independence (RICV)

◊ Carmen Uribe, Volunteer Specialist, Community Hospice (Modesto)

◊ Kristina Hernandez, Manager, Volunteers & Alumnae Girl Scouts (Fresno)  ◊ Roberto Vaca, Principal, Orosi High School, Tulare County 

◊ Emily Hentschke, Director, Team Support & Development, Madventurer  

◊ Maggie Hollingsworth, Case Manager at North Fork Rancheria  

◊ Ashley (Howard) Dollahite, Educator, Orcutt School District (Santa Maria)

◊ Tara Huff, Peer Support Specialist, Kings View (Blue Sky)

◊ Hien Hyunh, Admin. Assist., Professional Exchange Service Corporation

◊ Susan Vang-Xiong, Program Director, Holistic Cultural & Education Wellness Ctr

◊ Kau Vue, Doctoral Student, Teaching Asst. (Political Science), UC Merced

◊ Dyresha Williams, Youth Activities Coordinator, Edgewood Center

◊ Julie Xiong, Job Retention/Developer, Lao Family Community

◊ Morghan Young-Alfaro, Ph.D., Principal Researcher, Anchoring Success