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Professional Development

Accomplishments, Competency and Employment

Our Humanics Program at Fresno State was founded in 1998 and has been nationally recognized for excellence and was originally affiliated with Nonprofit Leadership Alliance—a national alliance of universities and national nonprofit organizations.  Since spring 2001, our Humanics Program has generated over 300 alumni who have earned the Humanics Certificate in Administration & Leadership for Community Benefit Organizations (CBOs) or Minor Degree in Philanthropic & Community-based Leadership.  Approximately 70% of our alumni are employed with CBOs (70% of whom are employed locally and 10% who have been promoted to CEO/ED/Director). All of these students have completed at least 12 units of coursework and 300 hours in an internship with a nonprofit, community benefit organization.  They have achieved competencies in areas including management, program planning and evaluation, board development & financial literacy, marketing/public relations, fundraising and grant writing, advocacy, volunteer administration, and human resource development and supervision.

The Humanics Program benefits from an excellent Advisory Council, consisting of a current Fresno State student, faculty and staff, alumni, CBO professionals, and community leaders.  This group meets occasionally to review and support the program faculty, current students, and alumni.

Each year, community benefit organizations need thousands of new full-time professional staff.  Men and women who fill these positions are people-oriented, competent managers, who are committed to improving their communities and the future of our society.

The Humanics Minor Degree and Certificate is a value-added form of human capital for students pursuing baccalaureate degrees in recreation administration and leisure studies, social work, psychology, sociology, public health, business, arts & humanities, and other academic areas.  All Humanics students acquire knowledge and skills to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • General CBO Management
  • Program Planning & Evaluation
  • Human Resource Development & Supervision
  • Marketing & Public Relations for CBOs
  • Board & Committee Development
  • Fundraising Principles & Practices
  • Grant Writing
  • Accounting & Financial Management for CBOs
  • Risk Management
  • Advocacy, Coalition Building, & Community Organizing

Furthermore, all interested students engage in leadership development through activities with the Humanics Collegiate Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, a recognized campus organization for students interested in this career field.

The Humanics Program has an outstanding record of job placement with several CBOs for its graduates.