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Asian American Studies

WHY Minor or Major in Asian American Studies? 

NOTE: Currently, students can use the "Special Major" option to design the Asian American Studies or Asian American and Asian Studies Bachelors degree.

Insights from our own Fresno State Students:

Even though I myself am not of Asian descent, it is critical that we have a representation of the AA/API Community, in spaces and places. one of these being in university. To have a Asian American Studies in CSU Fresno would mean representation,  inclusion,  and a voice for the AA/API community that is long overdue.  - Barbara Vasquez 

I'd recommend studying Asian American studies, because it raises awareness to the conflicts Asians struggled through that is not taught in the American history books. As the diversity in America grows, it is important people understand the cultures and struggles of minorities. In doing so, perhaps xenophobia in the U.S. will not be repeated. - Adalanna Sasone

One of the pillars of Asian American Studies is community empowerment through community-responsive teaching, research, and service. However, the field continues to grow to encompass issues of transnationality and diaspora. The critical understanding of Asians in a domestic and global context creates space in the academy for critical thinking that is unconstrained by conventional canons of traditional disciplines 
- Vanna Nauk, Ph.D. Student in the History of Art and Visual Culture Department at UC Santa Cruz 

Asian American Studies was very dear to me because it exposed me to many wonderful cultures and new perspectives. This I feel in particular is very important if one wants to live in the western coast with a high population of Asians. By having this knowledge, we can work and learn to appreciate the Asian community for all they have done because they are a big part of American culture and history. - Hammad Thamton

Fresno State's Asian American Studies program introduced me to an entirely new world of academia and provided opportunities for me to evolve as a passionate scholar-activist, culturally competent professional, and a more insightful individual.  I was encouraged to openly learn, critically think, and embrace the history of the Asian American community.  Because of ASAM, I've learned to take pride in my culture's history while strengthening relationships between communities of color. - Gaonoucci Belle Vang

Asian American Studies (ASAM) is beneficial for FRESNO STATE students because regardless of what an individual’s background is, Asian American Studies provides in depth information on Asian/Asian American history. The courses within this major will allow students to see the world in a different perspective as well as be able to think more critically about the issues that Asian/Asian Americans have faced in the past and are facing today. With the knowledge gained from the Asian American Studies Major courses it will provide these students with long lasting knowledge that can help them within their futures whether they choose to stay in California or take their knowledge abroad. - Tamara A. Metzler 

Asian American Studies provides a new perspective on history. Taking Asian American Studies courses helped me find the words to describe my personal experiences. The program also gave me an opportunity to make a difference in the local Asian American community with supportive faculty and staff. - Catherine Nguyen

Asian American studies sustained my interest in academia because that was the missing knowledge of the Southeast Asian diaspora and European imperialism that I was seeking to learn. This knowledge I gained inside and outside of the classrooms affirmed my intuition about my history and identity because I have been gaslighted to be bold about my lived experiences throughout school. Asian American studies and Ethnic studies is the truth about history and is the last piece that solidifies my political involvement. - Na Xiong