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Advising Center

Program Benefits

COSS Student Peer Mentees' Benefits: 

  • Opportunities to meet and interact with staff, faculty, and fellow peers within the college  
  • Become familiarized with campus resources
  • Learn strategies to achieve success in academics and extracurricular activities/programs
  • Develop a close relationship with a mentor
  • Build self-esteem
  • Looking for ways to get invovled

COSS Linked Peer Mentor's Benefits: 

  • Share personal campus experience and knowledge 
  • Share educational, leadership, career, and learning goals
  • Fulfillment out of helping others by being supportive and resourceful
  • Campus recognition of service to the individual and university
  • Resume experience 
  • Build self-esteem in a professional enviroment

Campus Benefits:

  • Increased student retention
  • Improved instructor/student rapport
  • Improved communcaiton and interactions between students majoring in the College of Social Sciences
  • Increased involvement in the College and University