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Advising Center

Frequently Asked Questions & Campus Resources

(some of these services will be modified during the campus closure)

Are appointments required to see a COSSAC advisor?

Appointments are strongly encouraged. You can schedule an appointment:

  • Online through Bulldog Connect  
    • Log in to, then click on the Bulldog Connect-Academics link;
    • Click GET ADVISING;
    • Select College of College of Social Sciences Advising and your major;
    • Select College of College of Social Sciences Advising Center as the location;
    • Choose day and time that works for you;
    • Click confirm.

How can I make an appointment with a faculty advisor?

Contact your major department directly to schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor. You can search your major department through the Fresno State Directory. If you have an assigned advisor, you will see their contact information on your Student Center along the right-hand side. Contact your major department for more information.  

Do students need to earn a "C" or better in all of their G.E. courses in order to receive credit?

No, in the 1999-present G.E. pattern students are only required to earn a "C" or better in the FOUNDATION courses:

  • Area A1-Oral Communication
  • Area A2-Written Communication (English 1)
  • Area A3-Critical Thinking
  • Area B4-Quantitative Reasoning

Can students take any course required for G.E. as credit/no-credit grading? 

Yes, students can take any G.E. course “CR/NC” grading as long as the student does not need a letter grade in the course to satisfy major or other degree requirements. Students are allowed a maximum of 6 units “CR/NC” grading per semester and a maximum of 24-semester units for “CR/NC” grading at Fresno State. 

May I take a general education course at my local California community college during the summer?YES! A helpful resource can be found at Assist.orgTo find this information in ASSIST, look at the CSU GE-Breadth Certification Course List for your community college, or come to the University Advising Center to determine if the course you plan to take is articulated with Fresno State.

Do students have to complete all lower-division G.E. courses before taking upper-division G.E. courses?

Upper-division G.E. courses must be taken no sooner than the term in which 60 units of college coursework are completed.


Who should I meet to make sure that I am on track with my major requirements?

You can meet with an advisor in the College of Social Sciences Advising Center, McKee Fisk Rm 207, 278-3422. A COSSAC advisor will review your records and make sure that you are taking the proper classes towards completing a major and will also determine when it is necessary to meet with a faculty advisor. 

Where do I go to declare/change my major?

If you are declaring/changing your major to a major offered within the College of Social Sciences, you can meet with a COSSAC advisor to go over the major and to obtain a signature on the "Change of Major" form. 

Who can I meet with to discuss my probation status?

Students must meet with an advisor in the College of Social Sciences Advising Center.  

How do I clear my academic probation registration hold?

All College of Social Sciences students must 1) meet with a COSS Advising Center advisor, and 2) attend a mandatory Academic Awareness Workshop. 

What does academic probation or readmitted on probation mean?

Students are placed on academic probation if their campus or cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0. Students remain on academic probation until both overall and campus GPAs are 2.0 or above.

Where should I go to make sure I am on track to graduate?

You should meet with an advisor in the College of Social Sciences Advising Center at least once a semester to ensure you are on track to complete all degree requirements before applying to graduate.

When I complete my degree requirements, do I automatically earn a diploma?

No, You must apply for graduation.

When and how do I apply for graduation? 

Students who anticipate meeting bachelor's degree requirements by the end of a term should file a completed application for a degree within the first two weeks of that term. During the filing period, you will file your degree application and pay the application fees by using the online Undergraduate Degree Checkout Process through your Student Center>Apply for Undergraduate Degree. You must return to the main page to “Submit” the application after you pay the application fee.

After you apply for graduation and your application has been reviewed, the Degree Advising Office will send you an email to your Fresno State email account with your graduation status.

What happens if I miss the deadline to apply for graduation?

For specific details, contact the Degree Advising Office (Joyal Administration Building Room 115, 559.278.4076) as soon as possible.