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Advising Center

Get involved w/ COSS Resources!

Learn more about COSS high impact practices that offer resume building experiences.

COSS Faculty outreach points of contact:

Dr. Melanie Ram 

Dr. Christopher Sullivan

Study Abroad Office

Family and Food Sciences Building, Room 119 

COSS Faculty outreach points of contact:

Dr. Dvera Saxton (Anthropology & any other major) 

Dr. Harold Schweizer (CRIM Internship)

Prof. Charles Shuler(CRIM Internship)

Dr. Lisa Bryant (Political Science) 

Prof. Gina Wallace (Moot Court)

Social Sciences Credential Faculty outreach points of contact: 

Professor Robin Sischo (Social Sciences Single Subject Competency Plan)

Professor Neil Conner (Social Sciences Credential Advisor)

Dr. Brad Jones (History Graduate Program Coordinator)

Dr. Jordan Pickering (Criminology Graduate Program Coordinator)

Dr. Kurt Cline (Public Administration Graduate Program Coordinator)

Speak with your department chair, program coordinator, or your course professor to find out how to get more involved with faculty research project.

Africana Studies Program Coordinator- Dr. Thomas Whit-Ellis,

Anthropology Chair- Dr. Henry Delcore,

Chicano & Latin American Studies Chair- Dr. Ramon Sanchez,

Criminology Chair- Dr. Peter English, 

Geography & City Regional Planning Chair- Dr. Michelle Calvarese

History Chair- Dr. William Skuban,

History Assistant Professor - Dr. Romeo Guzman,

Political Science Chair- Dr. Melanie Ram,

Political Science Professor - Dr. Natalie Kasianenko,

Sociology Chair- Dr. Jennifer Randles

Women's Studies Program Chair- Dr. Kathryn Forbes,

The courses listed below have community service components. These are courses that have no or very little course pre-requisites. If you want to know more about community service but do not want to take a class please see the Jan and Bud Richter Center for a very extensive community service listing.


ASAM 110S- Asian American Communities Service-Learning

AGED 120S- Leadership & Communications (2 units)

CFS 143S- Children at Risk (3 units)

COMS 1 - Com Serv-Learn (1-3 units)

CRIM 120S - Juvenile Delinquency (3 units)

LEE 101S - Early Learning for School Success (3 units)

LEE 109S - Literacy Engagement in the Community (3 units)

LEE 144S - Service-Learning Pedagogy and Practice (3 units)

MKTG 100S - Marketing Concepts pre OR co requisite BA 105W or ENGL 160W (3 units)

RA 73S - Leadership in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism (3 units)

RA 77S - Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Programming (3 units)

SOC 1S - Principles of Sociology (3 units)

SOC 3S - Critical Thinking About Society (3 units)

SOC 130WS - Contemporary Social Issues (4 units)

SOC 184S - Grant Writing & Evaluation (3 units)

SOC 186S - Governance, Administrative Principles, & Financial Literacy (3 units)