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Africana Studies Program

Welcome to the Africana Studies Program

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The Africana Studies Program (previously the Ethnic Studies Program) offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that contains cross-cultural courses about the experiences of African peoples all over the world and other ethnic groups in American society.

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Africana Studies stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and our colleagues in the College of Social Science, and California Faculty Association. Read our statement of support here.

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Due to the new ethnic studies requirements, the Africana Studies Program is seeking qualified instructors to be added to the part-time pool. To apply, please follow the link below:

Temporary Faculty Pool- Africana Studies


General Catalogs

Africana Studies Program description and objectives, career opportunities, degree requirements, course descriptions.

Schedule of Courses

Current and upcoming course offerings - available through the Fresno State Web Portal

Summer Courses

Please visit the CGE website for registration and additional information

Summer Session 2022
AFRS 164, African Cultural Perspectives6/13/2022 - 8/12/2022
Class Number 50283
Instructor: Tadesse, Debay

Contact Information

Professor Thomas-Whit Ellis, Program Coordinator
Science Building, Room 182 
Phone: 559.278.2832

Mailing Address: 2555 E. San Ramon M/S SB 69
Fresno CA 93740-8034
Phone: 559.278.2832
Fax: 559.278.7268

Are you graduating this academic year? If so, please visit the African American Recognition Ceremony web link below:

Upcoming Events:

Check back here for information on upcoming events!


Sanofa Bird Symbol

About the Symbols:


The Sankofa Bird means "return and retrieve" and the Nkyinkyim Symbol is the symbol of initiative, dynamism and versatility (which literally means, to turn oneself around in all aspects of life).


The hand-woven Kente Cloth is used by the Akan for personal adornment, and also metaphorically as a powerful expressive medium of communication. 


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