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Africana Studies Program



Black Students United California State University, Fresno (BSU)

Black Students United is a student organization established in February 2003. The organization is recognized by California State University, Fresno and adheres to all regulations as set forth in the Handbook for Student Organizations and Use of Campus Facilities and Grounds.


  • instill academic excellence in all its student members;
  • provide a base for mutual interaction and association of students amongst themselves and the faculty and staff of California State University, Fresno;
  • enhance self-esteem, self-improvement, multiculturalism, community service and responsibility;
  • prepare students for a professionally groomed future with identity as the center of it;
  • portray positive images of the African people;
  • promote awareness of socio-economic and political issues of the Africana population;
  • co-operate with other student bodies at CSU, Fresno and outside with a view to promoting mutual, amicable understanding;and
  • to promote and preserve Africana cultures.


Membership in Black Students United (BSU) is open to all enrolled students, faculty and staff of CSU, Fresno. Other students, faculty, staff of other universities and colleges, senior high school students within the Greater Fresno area are allowed specified special membership. Membership shall not be denied to any student of CSU, Fresno on the basis of race, creed, religion, gender, political affiliation, physical disability, sexual orientation or age.

“Uhuru Na Umoja”: The African-American Voice at Fresno State

“Uhuru Na Umoja” is the African-American voice at Fresno State. This newspaper, a supplement to the “Daily Collegian,” focuses on matters affecting students and the community.

Started in 1969, the student-run newspaper has been a training ground for future journalists and scholars, while serving the community at the same time.

With an educational and entertainment appeal, we intend to report on issues affecting racial and ethnic minority students and the community at large.

“Uhuru Na Umoja” is a Swahili phrase which translates to “Freedom and Unity” in English. Read The Uhuru; it’s free!



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