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Africana Studies Program

Program Information

The Africana Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that contains cross-cultural courses about the experiences of African peoples all over the world and other ethnic groups in American society.

Majors and Minors

The following major and minor degrees are offered:

Dual Major in Africana Studies

Students may pursue a dual (secondary) major by completing 24 units of Africana courses. Students should consult with an Africana Studies Academic Advisor for assistance in planning the secondary major.

Academic Training

The Africana Studies program prepare students to:

  • think critically, organize their thoughts, and analyze issues;
  • express themselves well both in oral and written forms;
  • acquire academic skills that illuminate the connectedness of the human experience through interdisciplinary coursework;
  • have culturally-appropriate knowledge to understand the experiences of African peoples all over the world in relation to the construction of race/ethnicity in America; and
  • integrate service-learning and international education for global understanding.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Africana Studies Program, like other Liberal Arts majors, have gone on to professional and managerial positions in a wide range of fields including:

  • Business 
  • Graduate School
  • Mass Communication
  • Law and Para-Legal
  • Health Care
  • Social Work
  • Community Organizations
  • Human Resource Development
  • Federal, State, and Local Government
  • Foreign Service and Diplomatic Corps
  • Sports & Entertainment 
  • Teaching 
  • Law Enforcement
  • Non-Governmental Organizations in Africa & the Caribbean


Campus Resources: