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American Indian Studies

AIS Student Ambassadors Honors Program

Mentorship and Professionalization

The American Indian Student Ambassador's program provides American Indian students with opportunities to gain administrative experience and shape the climate and opportunities for American Indians at Fresno State, an American Indian-serving institution, as part of the California State University Chancellor’s Native American Initiative. The position offers students professionalization mentorship and service opportunities. In addition to meeting with the Director of American Indian Studies and the Ambassador cohort, American Indian Student Ambassadors will work with American Indian faculty, staff, and students at Fresno State and throughout the CSU system, participate in campus, regional, and statewide academic meetings on American Indian education, and host and work with Tribal communities and representatives. The Fresno State American Indian Studies Student Ambassadors will serve for one-year as contributing members of a student advisory board under the guidance of the Director of American Indian Studies.

Eligibility and Qualifications

In order to qualify for to serve as an ambassador, students must be in good academic standing and meet the following eligibility requirements. Eligible students will be chosen through a selection committee and must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a cumulative and major GPA of 2.7 or higher
  2. Be at least sophomore status, junior status preferred
  3. Be currently enrolled and remain so for the duration of service
  4. Attend all required meetings
  5. Demonstrate a willingness to attend select campus activities, assist as hosts for visiting tribal representatives, and take on active roles in the reception and hosting of American Indian Studies events.
  6. Demonstrate a willingness and effort to work collaboratively with the Ambassador cohort and campus affiliates.
  7. Provide a Recommendation form filled out and signed by the student and their major academic advisor.