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American Indian Studies

Internship and Research Opportunities

American Indian Studies majors and minors can access a number of internship and research opportunities while attending Fresno State. The aim of these forms of education and practice is to enhance student abilities to enter into the work force with the necessary preparation to join an organization, school, or team that works on behalf of American Indian peoples, communities, and tribes.


All majors and minors are required to complete an internship (AIS 170) before they graduate. Internships offer students supervised field experience working for a tribe, tribal/Indian organization, tribal school or Indian education program, public agency, or the university's Indian organizations. To identify and set up an internship, students work directly with the Director and connect with people and organizations that work within the student's personal and professional interests.

Contact Dr. Lee-Oliver:

Research Opportunities

American Indian Studies majors and minors may work under the supervision of one or more professors, researchers, and/or organizations that serve American Indian communities to hone their research skills.