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American Indian Studies


Territorial Acknowledgement

American Indian Studies honors the Yokut and Mono peoples whose diverse tribal communities share stewardship over this land.

Sage bundles close upAmerican Indian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that offers students opportunities to study the governments, nations, cultures, and social structures of American Indian societies and American Indian societies within the context of the United States. The Program's curriculum focuses on and prioritizes American Indian intellectual practices, traditional knowledge systems, and indigenous teaching and leadership methodologies to engage all students in diverse learning experiences, grow their understanding and competency in American Indian Studies, and prepare students to live and work in American Indian, Indigenous, and diverse communities locally and globally. The interdisciplinary nature of American Indian studies allows students to gain an understanding of the core fields of American Indian studies and create a degree program that serves their unique academic and professional goals. AIS curriculum intersects the fields of history, law, philosophy, anthropology, economics, media studies, health services, environmental, and women and gender studies.

American Indian Studies offers a major and minor, research, internship, and mentorship opportunities. The faculty work with programs across campus and community partners and offer students opportunities for personal and professional growth.