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Chicano and Latin American Studies

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

In this page students will find information on the Degree Requirements for the Chicano Studies Major and the Latin American Studies Major. Students are also encouraged to pursue a dual major and can take the Chicano Studies or Latin American Studies as either a primary or secondary major. All majors and dual majors are required to see a CLAS adviser during their first semester on campus, students are also encouraged to check the University's Catalog.

Click here for information on the Bachelor of Arts in Chicano Studies Degree Requirements.

Click here for information on the Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies Degree Requirements.

Chicano Studies Major

Major requirements (33 units)

Lower-division requirements (6 units)

  • Basic Content: CLAS 3 or CLAS 5 (3 units)
  • Latin America: CLAS 70 (3 units)

Upper-division requirements (21 units)

  • U.S.-Mexico Relations: CLAS 114 or CLAS 115 (3 units)
  • Political and Economic Issues: CLAS 128 or CLAS 130 (3 units)
  • Arts and Humanities: CLAS 100, CLAS 102W, CLAS 106 or CLAS 108 (see note 1) (3 units)
  • Research Methods: CLAS 150 or CLAS 120 (3 units)
  • Family and Gender: CLAS 141, CLAS 160 or CLAS 162 (3 units)
  • Education: CLAS 143 (3 units)
  • Community Service/Senior Project: CLAS 145S or CLAS 172S (see note 1) (3 units)

Approved electives (6 units)

  • Consult your advisor

General Education requirements (48 units)

Other requirements (6 units)

  • American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2), Multicultural and International (MI), and Upper-division writing (units may vary depending on course)

Electives and remaining degree requirements* (36-42 units)

It is recommended that units in this area be utilized to complete a second major or minor. See Degree Requirements.

Total (120 units)

* For details concerning G.E. and MI courses, please contact an advisor (COSS Advising Center) about how they apply to the Chicano Studies Major, e.g., CLAS 9 in G.E. C1, and CLAS 3 or 5 in G.E. area F.

Advising Notes

1. Contact the department chair or CLAS adviser for list of approved electives. A maximum of 3 units from CLAS 106, 107, 108, 145, and 180T [T courses by approval] can be used to fulfill 3 units of electives, but students must secure proper and final approval from the department chair or CLAS adviser.

2. Consult your adviser or the Schedule of Courses to determine what CLAS courses also meet General Education requirements.

3. If the Chicano studies major is taken as a second major, CLAS courses taken to complete General Education Integration requirements also can be used to satisfy major requirements.

4. Chicano studies majors are not permitted to take CLAS courses by CR/NC grading (unless the courses are only offered on that basis).

5. General Education and elective units may be used toward a dual major or minor (see Dual Major or other departmental minor). Consult the appropriate department chair, program coordinator or faculty adviser for further information.

6. Students who are planning to do graduate work in Chicano or Latin American studies are advised to study Spanish and/or Portuguese.

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Latin American Studies Major

The B.A. requires a minimum of 120 units, which includes courses for the major, General Education, electives, and all university requirements.

Students seeking a B.A. degree in Latin American Studies must be in good standing with the University and must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75. 

Majors need to develop proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese by graduation.  

As part of the program, students are strongly encouraged to spend a semester abroad in Latin America, Spain, or Portugal, which is often possible with the aid of available financial resources.

Major requirements (33 units)

Core (15 units)

15 units to be selected from the following:

  • Chicano and Latin American Studies: CLAS 70, CLAS 72, CLAS 128, CLAS 170, CLAS 171, or CLAS 173 (3 units)
  • Economics: ECON 181 (3 units)
  • History: HIST 8 or HIST 166 (3 units)

Senior Project (3 units)

  • Choose among: CLAS 150, CLAS 172S, HIST 169T, or ECON 190 [T courses by approval] (units may vary depending on course)

Electives (15 units)*

  • AIS 103, ANTH 130, ANTH 141, ANTH 143, CLAS 112, CLAS 114, CLAS 115, CLAS 128, CLAS 171, CLAS 172S, CLAS 173, ECON 114, ECON 179, GEOG 170T, HIST 145, HIST 160, HIST 162, HIST 165, HIST 167, HIST 169T, HIST 183, PLSI 146T, PLSI 148, ARTH 170, ARTH 173, ARTH 175, HUM 130, SPAN 125, SPAN 129, SPAN 143, SPAN 145, or SPAN 147 [T courses by approval] (units may vary depending on course)

General Education requirements (48 units)

Other requirements (9 units)

  • American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2), Multicultural and International (MI), and Upper-division writing (units may vary depending on course)

Sufficient elective units to meet required total units (varies)

Total units (120)*

* G.E. and MI courses can be double-counted with major requirements. See advisor for details.

Note: A semester abroad in Spain, Portugal or a Latin American country can replace the senior project. The academic components of such a study abroad program would include application of key concepts, comparative analysis of the culture, description and discussion of current political/social issues, and analysis of the impact of globalization on the country visited.

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