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Chicano and Latin American Studies


CAFE's purpose is to amplify the voices of those who identify as Central American and the Central American region. We aim to create a safe inclusive space for CentAm students and allies to discuss ongoing socio political issues. History: Fresno State's chapter of Central Americans for Empowerment was established during the Spring'21 semester. Contact: Email us at fresnostatecafe@gmail.comFollow us on Instagram at fresnostatecafeMeetings: CAFE meets weekly, please contact us via email to join our ListServ. ​

Central Americans for Empowerment

A student organization that promotes culture and history of Mexican-Americans (Chicanxs) to their own and other communities, as well as seek to expand higher education opportunities for all ethnic communities via political action and community engagement.History: MECHA at Fresno State was established in 1966Contact: Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates at mechacsufresnoMeetings:MECHA meets weekly, please contact us on Instagram to join our ListServ​

Fresno State Mecha


Fresno State’s Chicano and Latin American Studies Student Association, affiliated with the Chicano and Latin American Studies Department. It’s purpose is to provide students an opportunity to interact with Fresno State faculty and administration, while also providing leadership skill development and network opportunities.

Q: Can anyone join CLASSA?

Membership to CLASSA is open to all Fresno State Students who are CLAS major/minors, or who have completed 3 units in CLAS. Most importantly “each regular member has equal rights and privileges.” - as stated in the CLASSA constitution.

* Most CLAS classes will count towards elective credits in other majors.

* Students interested in double majoring or minoring in CLAS, should know there is only a few unit difference in requirement.

Eligibility for membership or appointment to student officer positions shall not be limited on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability. (Simply put, you DO NOT need to be Chicanx to join or hold office.)

Q: What does the logo and bandanas mean?

Our logo depicts three Zapatista women, which can also be interpreted as three female farm workers. They are symbolic of modern indigenous resistance and the everyday struggle of the campesino. The bandanas mask their faces so that no one individual can be seen as more important than the other. This is unity through anonymity. Every individual is equally important to the cause. In regards to farm workers, the bandanas give them a limited protection from the toxic chemicals that they’re exposed to everyday.

Q: How do I join CLASSA?

Reach out to CLASSA any social media account, or send an email. You will be added to the group roster and be informed about meetings and activities you can attend and participate in.

Q: When and how often does CLASSA hold meetings?

Regular meetings are held once a month, and special meetings are held when events and planning are necessary. Most meetings are held during a time that most members are available, and this information is collected through an online poll. Members or those interested and who can not attend meetings are encouraged to follow CLASSA on its social media pages, where daily updates and information are accessible.

You may also participate in #TopixTuesdays, where members can directly interact with club ideas and discussions. Meetings are generally held at will, if you have questions or ideas you can also use #CLASSATopix, which is a hashtag that will be used during club meetings.

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