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College of Social Sciences

Welcome to the Social Science Teaching Credential Program

Do you want to teach middle or high school Social Science/History in California?

This is a state-approved subject matter preparation program for the Single Subject Teaching Credential. Co-coordinated by the College of Social Sciences (COSS) and the Kremen School of Education and Human Development, the credential authorizes students to teach Social Science/History in grades 7-12.

For general questions about the application and admissions process, contact Ivy Fitzpatrick and Jessica McVay in the Kremen School of Education and Human Development's advising center. Location: ED 100. Phone: 559.278.0300.

For Social Science credential advising, first read the information below, and then contact: 

Dr. Neil Conner

Program Coordinator 
Office: Science Building Room. 152  

Office hours: Wed & Fri 12:00pm to 2:00pm
in-person or via Zoom. Email for appointment.

Neil Conner

Program Eligibility

First, to prepare for applying, you must complete all parts of program eligibility.

Earn a bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) with a minimum overall GPA of 2.67

Please note: The COSS Credential Program is highly competitive and a GPA of at least 3.0 has been required in recent years

To teach secondary Social Science/History in the state of California, grades 7-12, a Single Subject Social Science/History Teaching Credential is required. All credential programs, including the program at Fresno State, require Subject Matter Competency to be established first, before admission.

Subject Matter Competency in Social Science can be demonstrated in either of two ways.

OPTION A  - Complete the required coursework: Social Science Subject Matter Competency Plan


OPTION B - Take and Pass the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET: Social Science)

Complete the course EHD 50: Introduction to Teaching OR obtain a pre-program field experience waiver

Complete the course CI 149: Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology

Demonstrate basic skills by passing the California Educator Credentialing Examination (CBEST) Exam  OR another approved college level exam method.

Complete all parts of the application process (see below).

Read the Credential Program Application Process Guide for assistance.

NOTE: The College of Social Sciences does not offer the internship credential option.

Steps to Apply

After all parts of program eligibility are completed, you may continue to the application process:

Attend an orientation with the Kremen School of Education and Human Development's advising center.

Complete all parts of the Credential Program Application

Submit all program application materials to the Kremen Advising Center, room ED 100.

Apply to the University through Cal State Apply for post-baccalaureate graduate study. There is a nonrefundable $70 application fee.

Once you have submitted all of your application materials, contact Dr. Neil Conner to schedule an interview

Fall 2024 Priority Application Dates

1/31/2024 - 3/1/2024: All application materials must be submitted properly

3/4/2024 - 3/15/2024: Interviews are scheduled and conducted



Admitted Students

See the Kremen School of Education Single Subject Credential Program Admitted Students website and the Single Subject Credential Program Handbook

Current Students

See the Kremen School of Education Current Students website and the Single Subject Credential Program Handbook

Single Subject Credential Coursework

CI 151: Social Context of Teaching & Learning (3 units)
CI 152: Adolescent Learning & Development (3 units)
CI 161: Content Specific Expertise & Pedagogy (3 units: FALL ONLY)
SPED 158: Differentiated Instruction in Inclusive Secondary Settings (3 units)
LEE 156: Content Area Literacy & Communication (3 units)
LEE 157: Differentiating Instruction: English Learners (3 units)
EHD 155A: Student Teaching in the Secondary Schools (4 units)
EHD 154A: Student Teaching Seminar A (1 unit)
EHD 155B: Student Teaching in Secondary Schools (10 units)
EHD 154B: Student Teaching Seminar B (1 unit)

Phase 1 (Fall semester) 17 units

CI 151, CI 152, LEE 157, CI 161 (FALL ONLY), EHD 155A, EHD 154A

*Phase 1 coursework must be "successfully completed" prior to beginning Phase 2 coursework

*CI 161 & EHD 154A MUST be taken concurrently with EHD 155A

September 18 - October 9th 

All EHD 155A Credential Candidates must complete the EHD 155B Field Placement Clearance form in order to enter EHD 155B (Final Student Teaching).

These forms MUST be SIGNED by your Academic Dept. Coordinator Dr. Neil Conner

Dr. Conner will then submit your forms to the Kremen Admission Analyst:  Renee Flores

NOTE:  Completing these forms determine if you’re cleared for final student teaching. If you fail to submit them before the deadline (Dr. Conner's deadline is 10/9/2023), you will postpone your final student teaching until Fall 2024. The earlier you provide this information, the sooner your name is placed on the preferred school site placement list for final student teaching (EHD 155B).

Phase 2 (Spring semester) 17 units

LEE 156, SPED 158, EHD 155B, EHD 154B

Student Teacher Responsibilities
Student Teacher Professionalism Policy
Guide to Working with your Mentor Teacher
Mentor Teacher Role & Expectations
University Coach Role & Expectations
Conflict Resolution Guide


Additional Resources

See the Kremen School of Education Resources website