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College of Social Sciences

Student Resources

College of Social Sciences Convocation- Information letters will be mailed out to graduating students on the second week of April. 

Contact Departments for:
Advising Flow Charts
Program information
To learn who your major adviser is
Course requirements
Other opportunities related to the major


History/Social Science Credential Program
Contact Professor Lori Clune Emerzian, Social Science Credential Adviser, at (559) 278-8895.


Future and Prospective Students!

Cal State Apply: An Online Resource for education in California

Complete the Go to Fresno State Online Form (Broken Link) to be contacted regarding the College and University and to receive other pertinent information

My Fresno State Student Portal

Career Services
Information such as Job search resources, career-related resource links, career fairs, assistance for student with disabilities.
See also: Services for Student Organizations(part of Career Services). Career services offers assistance to student organizations such as workshops, fund-raising, and connections with potential employers.


Important Advising Note:

All students are assigned to a major faculty adviser. Students should seek academic advising during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Contact the Department for limited advising dates during the winter and summer sessions.

Advising Services Bulldog B.A.R.K. (Building Academic Resources and Knowhow)
Everything the new or prospective student, parent, or advisor would want to know (indexed by category)


Important Student Links

Other Resources
Information on Social Sciences Technology Enhanced Classroom, and other College-related links

University 1—Faculty Mentoring Program (Broken Link)
Working together to help you succeed. Resources to help ensure your success at Fresno State.

Financial Aid Application Information
For current and prospective students. How to apply, available programs, eligibility, online forms.

Scholarship Application Information

Apply to the University
Undergraduate, Graduate, and International Online University Applications.
See also: Information for prospective students.

Class registration information
Plan your schedule, view current and upcoming schedule of courses.

Online web-based courses
What courses are being offered fully or partially online. Students must have an active email account to participate. Obtain a free email account.

Consult the University Catalog for complete course listings and course descriptions.

Office of Testing Services
Undergraduate and graduate entrance examinations, placement exams, exit exams for matriculating students.

Academic Probation and Disqualification Guide
For students who are on academic probation or who have been disqualified from the University


New and Transfer Students

Outreach Services:
Everything to help students make a smooth transition to Fresno State.

Links for Parents and Visitors

Transfer Student Information - Admission to Fresno State
How to know when to transfer, transfer checklist.

Unit Transfer Site
Learn what classes will transfer. Statewide student transfer information.

Academic Calendars
Important deadlines for students

Events Calendar (Broken)
Faculty presentations, recruitment activities, discussion groups

Student Activities and Leadership Events Calendar
View scheduled events, schedule an event.

Parking Information


See Also

Division of Student Affairs
Links to a full range of student support services to enhance student success.

Division of Graduate Studies
Information and resources for graduate students


Internship Opportunities

American Humanics. 300 hours of field experience with a nonprofit, community-based service provider. Required for certificate.

Internships in Anthropology (Broken)

Internships in Criminology: Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Victimology. Required for degree, open only to majors.

Internship in Applied Economics: Open only to economics majors.

Internship in Peace and Conflict Studies (Broken)

Internship in Political Science

Sociology Service Learning

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Student Organizations within Social Sciences - Listed by Department



  1. Anthropology Club, 278-3002, PB 385. Mission: To promote an interest in anthropology within the college community.
  2. Amerasia Club, 278-3002, PB 385. Mission: To unify American-Asians with all people by becoming better acquainted through understanding and sharing of cultures and being of service to the American-Asian community.


Chicano and Latin American Studies

  1. La Familia - Upsilon Omega Alpha, 278-2848, SS 211. Mission: To promote academic excellence, a strong social network, cultural knowledge, and a continuous cultural involvement in the community.
  2. Los Danzantes De Aztlan, 278-4115, SS 220. Mission: To organize under one group any qualified student enrolled in dancing classes or any person having terminated such classes offered by Fresno State, Fresno City College and/or any educational institution of higher learning, and to work and perform in order to promote and upgrade the self-image of the Chicano through the presentation of Mexican folklore dancing from all aspects of its history up to its present.



  1. Phi Omega Alpha, contact advisor Shane Sauby at Mission: The mission of CSU-Fresno chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon is to promote academic excellence, advanced training, professional training, and professional interaction. Our goals are to achieve this mission by bringing people together to create emotional support and a sense of belonging in an atmosphere of respect.
    Our goals shall be accomplished with due consideration to our member's monetary obligation.


Geography and City and Regional Planning

  1. Geography Club, 278-2797, S 182C. Mission: To provide a forum for discussion of topics related to the discipline of geography through lectures, forums, panel discussions, and social gatherings.



  1. History Club, 278-2153, SS 101C
  2. Pi Alpha Theta, 278-2153, SS 101
  3. Graduate Student Symposium, 278-2153, SS 101. Mission: To promote collegiality among History Graduate Students and provide supportive environment and professional opportunities.


Political Science

  1. Political Science Club, 278-2988, SS 129. Mission: To provide students with opportunities to associate with other students, faculty, government officials, and community members.
  2. Public Administration Association, 278-2988, SS 129. Mission: To promote scholarship among all Fresno State students majoring in Public Administration through participation in conferences across the state; to provide them a network of professional contacts through arrangement for public administrators to speak before them; and to enrich their civic lives through participation in a voluntary association, which may well be the highest form of democracy.



  1. Sociology Club, 278-2234, SS 227. Mission: To promote student and faculty interaction and to facilitate professional growth, scholarship, and other learning opportunities.
  2. American Humanics Association, 278-2234, SS 227. Mission: Providing its members with co-curricular opportunities with the intent of enriching student professional leadership.