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College of Social Sciences

Social Sciences' Departments

Degrees List

Below you will find a list of degrees and certificates offered by each department in the College of Social Sciences (B.A. denotes a Bachelor of Arts degree; B.S., Bachelor of Science; B.P.A., Bachelor of Public Administration; M.A., Master of Arts; M.S., Master of Science; M.P.A., Master of Public Administration, and certificate).

Africana Studies B.A., minor                                    

Humanics Certificate                        

American Indian Studies, minor                     

Anthropology B.A., minors, Certificate             

Asian American Studies, minor                         

Chicano and Latin American Studies B.A., minors        

Criminology M.S., B.S., minor, Certificate                   

Ethnic Studies, minor                                                   

Geography B.A., minor                                    

History M.A., B.A., minor                                           

Peace and Conflict Studies minor, Certificate    

Political Science M.A., M.PA., B.A., minor                 

Public Administration, M.P.A., B.P.A.   

Sociology, B.A., minor

Women's Studies, B.A.