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College of Social Sciences


History is the study of the recorded past. it encompasses all aspects of human behavior, from the arts and sciences, through technology and economics to politics and society. History is the broadest and most universal of the humanities and contributes fundamental background for other social sciences disciplines. The student of history is engaged in a journey through time, in which he or she can witness and compare the development of a variety of cultures, interrelationships and circumstances. The study of the past provides a great storehouse of experience. Through analysis, it can be helpful to meet the problems of today and tomorrow, with greater clarity, comprehension and compassion. Knowledge of the past provides one of the best tools for understanding contemporary phenomena and developing a more tolerant and human spirit. The Department of History's faculty offers a wide variety of courses in the history of Europe and the United States, as well as courses in Latin American, African, and Middle Eastern history. Our majors can enter secondary or high school teaching careers by earning a Single Subject Teaching Credential along with their bachelor's degree. others go on to graduate programs in history or seek professional careers, such as law, business and government that emphasize solid research and writing skills.