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Geography and City and Regional Planning

CRP Course Description

City and Regional Planning (CRP)

CRP 100 Graphic Communications for Planners (3 units)
Introduction to basic graphic skills and urban design multiple media of visual communication, geographical information systems, and the design process. This knowledge and set of skills not only enables the individual to meet her/ his day-to-day fundamental professional responsibilities, but also supplies tools to communicate with other professionals and the ultimate users of urban space.  Develops knowledge and skills in urban design, with a focus on (i) over-the-board drafting, (ii) computer-aided drafting and modeling, communication of information to the public,  (iii) analyzing/understanding the functional /behavioral/perceptual aspects of urban space.

CRP 101 Communications Groups and Collaboration (3 units)
Focus on processes and skills of citizen participation and consensus building. Application of mediation and negotiation techniques. Use of collaboration in forming visions of the future and reaching agreements among multiple interests. Use of group process skills to establish effective communication and agreements. Organizing and operating public meetings. Understanding of the social/spatial relationships among racial/ethnic and gender groups is expressed in terms of human settlement patterns, civic involvement and everyday negotiations.

CRP 102 Space and Place (3 units)
Exploring elements and principles of environmental design. Understanding the form and character of the designed urban environment. Introduction to problem analysis and problem solving in environmental design. Implications of design decisions and solutions on urban context. Assignments of object, project and system scale in an urban context. Visual assessment and townscape movement.

CRP 103 Community Development Theory and Practice (3 units)
Introduction to the principles and strategies of community organizing and development. Examination of non-profit organizations, citizen participation, approaches to reducing poverty, community needs assessment, and regional development strategies.

CRP 104 Planning Process and Theory (3 units)
Exploration of answers to the following question through a survey of classic and contemporary theories of planning: “What role can planning play in developing the city and region within the constraints of a capitalist political economy and a democratic political system?” Activities utilized include communicative and participatory aspects of planning theory.

CRP 196 City and Regional Planning Internship (3 units)
Work experience as a supervised employee in a planning-­‐related agency or private firm. Analyze the nature of professional engagement in a private sector firm, public agency or non-­‐profit organization.  Strategically plan a professional future in planning. 

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