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Geography and City and Regional Planning

Job Opportunities

The Department of Geography and City and Regional Planning is seeking qualified instructors to be added to the part-time faculty pool to teach the undergraduate level courses listed below, primarily in the evenings. A minimum of a master's degree in geography (or related field) is required. Salary is commensurate with the candidate's qualifications and experience.

Geography Courses

GEOG 4 - World Geography

GEOG 5 - Physical Geography: Global Concepts, Weather and Climate

GEOG 7- Physical Geography: The Earth's Surface

GEOG 81- Introduction to Community Planning

GEOG 115 - Violent Weather/Climatic Hazards

GEOG 132 - Environmental Law

GEOG 141, 142, 143 - Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 160 - Urban Geography

GEOG 161 - Historical Geography of the United States

GEOG 164 - American Ethnic Geography

GEOG 166 - Geography of World Economy

GEOG 167 - People and Places - A Global Perspective

GEOG 173 - The American West

GEOG 178 - Geography of California

GEOG 184 - Environmental Planning

City and Regional Planning Courses

CRP 80 - Introduction to Cities and Urban Planning

CRP 110 - Planning Process and Theory 

CRP 115 - Urban Design

CRP 120 - Community Development Theory and Practice

CRP 125 - Environmental Planning

CRP 130 - Transportation Planning

CRP 135 - Planning Law and Administration

CRP 140 - Economics for Planners

CRP 150A - Community Plan Making - A

CRP 150B - Community Plan Making - B


For more information about the catalog descriptions of the courses, please visit

To apply, please follow the link below:

Temporary Faculty Pool - Lecturer in Geography

Temporary Faculty Pool - Lecturer in City and Regional Planning


All correspondences should be addressed to the Department Chair at:

Michelle Calvarese, Ph.D. 
Department Chair and Professor
Department of Geography and City and Regional Planning
California State University, Fresno
2555 E San Ramon M/S SB69
Fresno, CA  93740-8034

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