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Geography and City and Regional Planning

Environmental Planning Certificate

This certificate is to train students to understand environmental issues and address environmental problems, with a body of knowledge that integrates physical environment and human societies. It will also prepare students to investigate, and address, environmental problems in a systematic manner, in conjunction with their particular field of study.

Required courses (9 units)
GEOG 115 or GEOG 128 (3 units)
CRP 135, GEOG 129, or GEOG 132 (3 units)
CRP 125 (3 units)

Electives (3 units)
Choose any one of the following courses: AGBS 155, ANTH 128, CM 177, CRP 135, ECON 117, EES 108, GEOG 115, GEOG 127, GEOG 128, GEOG 129, GEOG 132, GEOG 133, GEOG 135, GEOG 141, NSCI 115, PH 161, PLANT 105, PLSI 157, PLSI 175, PSCI 168, SOC 158

Total (12 units)



For more information please contact Assistant Professor, Chih-Hao Wang, Ph.D. at

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