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Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies Certificate & Minor

The Jewish Studies Certificate Program enables Fresno State and Continuing Education students to explore the long history, rich culture, diverse communities, and distinctive religious practices of this global minority group from ancient times to the present. Students enrolled in certificate courses learn about the many dimensions of Jewish heritage and also issues of contemporary concern for Jews of the diaspora, including the United States, and in Israel. Housed in the Department of History, the JSCP provides educational opportunities for people of all backgrounds with an interest in this field of study, and heightens awareness of the local Jewish community's contribution to the wonderful diversity of California's Central Valley. Specific requirements for earning a certificate are available in the Fresno State catalogTo fill out an online enrollment form, click or tap here.

Jewish Studies Certificate Program Requirements

Candidates for the Jewish Studies Certificate must complete a minimum of 12 units of approved coursework with a grade of C or better in at least two areas of Jewish history, religion, culture, politics, and/or Hebrew language. Students who complete a minimum of 15 units of approved coursework with a grade of B or better will earn a Certificate in Jewish Studies with Honors.

Students of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, including non-matriculating community members who are permitted to enroll in classes at the university, are welcome to enroll in the Jewish Studies Program to earn a certificate. Certificate coursework may include a supervised internship undertaken for credit that will fulfill one certificate course requirement. Courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the Jewish Studies Certificate may be used to fulfill requirements of other degree or certificate programs. The certificate will only be issued after students consult with a co-director of the Jewish Studies Program to ensure that courses taken meet certificate requirements.

Course offerings may include, but are not limited to, the following:
COMMUNITY SERVICE 101I: Community Service Internship or an approved internship course in any major (of 3 units or more subject to approval by a Jewish Studies Program director),
ENGL 112, ENGL 116, ENGL 179, HIST 103, HIST 107, HIST 115, HIST 140, HIST 186,
HUM 118, JS 118T (Topics in Jewish History and Culture), PHIL 134, PHIL 158, SOC 111, SOC 169

"T" (TOPICS) CLASSES: Special topics classes with a Jewish Studies focus offered in English, history, philosophy, political science, or any other relevant discipline.

Total (12 units)

Jewish Studies Minor Requirements

The Jewish Studies Program provides information, concepts, and approaches that can aid understanding about a range of comparative ethnic and religious minority identities. 

The Minor in Jewish Studies augments students' major coursework and prepares students for graduate education, especially in history, Jewish Studies, international relations, religious studies, and philosophy, as well as professional training and careers in teaching, law, public sector administration, service and advocacy, foreign service and diplomacy, museums, religious organizations, business, human resources, and creative fields.

Students earn a Minor in Jewish Studies from the College of Social Sciences by taking courses in Jewish history, religion, culture, politics and/or Hebrew language and completing all courses with a grade of C or better. The minor requires a total of 15 units from at least two disciplines, with a minimum of one lower-division course (3 units) and two upper division courses (6 units). The remaining courses (6 units) may be selected from any lower- or upper-division electives.

Lower-Division (3 units)
Select from: HEBR 1A, 1B or JS 10

Upper-Division (6 units)
Select from: COMS 101I (or approved internship course), ENGL 112, 116, 179; HIST 103, 107, 115, 140, 186; HUM 118; JS 100W, 118T; HIST 154/JS 154; HIST 181; MCJ 177T; PAX 100; PHIL 131, 134, 158; SOC 111, 169; or relevant topics courses (approved by the program coordinator)

Electives (6 units)
Any lower- or upper-division courses

Total (15 units)

The Jewish Studies Program is affiliated with the Fresno State student club, the Jewish Studies Association.  

You can join JSA on the Fresno State Student Engagement page.

For more information about events, course offerings, and to join the Jewish Studies community of students, faculty, alumni, and people who support Jewish Studies in the San Joaquin Valley, check out the JSA Facebook group.

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