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Geography and City and Regional Planning

Derya Ozgoc-Caglar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Urban and Regional Planning

Research Interests

Integration of the concepts of decision theory and applied decision analysis to address land use and environmental management decisions, environmental sustainability, and the interactions among urban conditions and environmental amenities.

Apply quantitative research and Geographic Information Science (GIScience) concepts and methods to understand human-environment relationships and dependencies, visualize the impacts of various resource management scenarios, and enhance the understanding of spatial decision problems.

Develop, test, and apply decision models, spatial analysis, econometric techniques, computer applications, and planning theory and methods to critically analyze the complex and embedded interactions of the built environment and the natural environment and stimulate the interrelationships among residents, working landscapes, and protected areas in order to reduce impacts and restore quality of both the natural environment and human settlements.

Develop and use spatial analysis techniques and economic-environmental models to assist decision-makers in making decisions with respect to the environment, natural resources, and urban challenges.

Seek innovative, collaborative, multi- and inter-disciplinary research practices to promote public-private and academic partnerships to improve the delivery of urban services, including the design of an analytical framework for building partnerships in any sector or context focused on land conservation and the design and planning of sustainable spaces.

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