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Internships (CRIM 180I)

Any changes after the COVID-19 restrictions end will be posted here.

Complete the following (ALL ARE REQUIRED to request a permission number for CRIM 180I):

Please follow the  instructions below. Additional details are also outlined on the CANVAS tutorial. Students will need to indicate and email Dr. Schweizer the following:

  1. Students are to complete the mandatory CANVAS orientation quiz with a perfect score (100 points) and indicate in their email when they completed the online quiz.
  2. Students will need to indicate how many units they have completed. A minimum of 90 units by the end of the semester preceding the internship semester.
  3. Open only to Criminology department majors. Please indicate which Prerequisites you will have completed. Prerequisites: CRIM 1, CRIM 2, CRIM 20 (A letter grade of a C or better must be awarded BEFORE you can register). Co-requisite: CRIM 112/FBS 114 and senior standing, or permission by instructor/internship coordinator. Students signed up for CRIM 112 or FBS 114 in their last semester are eligible to sign up for CRIM 180I internship concurrently.Graduating seniors have priority when registering.
    Since FBS does not require internships, FBS students will be allowed to register on a space available basis.
  4. Students must download a placement request or Waiver form for internship hours (will complete alternative assignments instead) and email the completed form along with current DPR and resume to Dr. Schweizer as explained in the tutorial.
  5. All emails should state "Fall 2022 internship placement request” in the subject window. Please allow at least 7 days for a response.  If submitting a Waiver, the email should instead state internship hours waiver. The availability for hours must indicate FROM/TO for each day on the form, but ANYTIME is also sufficient.
    It is also crucial for students to know which criminology option they are in.  We have three options:  Corrections, Law Enforcement and Victimology.  There are no other options.
  6. All emailed documents must be in pdf format and saved with your last name, first name and type of document as the document name.
    Example:  "Mouse, Mickey Resume"    or  "Duck, Donald Placement Request"  or "Willy, Chilly Internship Waiver Form"
  • Download the Instructions on how to download the DPR and how to send required documents.  All documents not adhering to the format requirements will be rejected.
  • After a review of the documentation, students will be emailed a permission number to register for internship if all documents have been completed correctly and attached to the email (NO GOOGLE-DOC links are accepted). Note that permission numbers may be be available immediately if the course has not yet been scheduled/approved. 





Students should complete the orientation/tutorial and email the required documents as soon as possible and preferably before the start of the Summer of Fall 2022 semester so that their placement request can be processed in a timely fashion. Students electing the alternative assignments by waiving actual internship hours should also email that form as soon as possible, so the criminology department has a better picture of how many placements are needed. If you intend to register for internship for summer, you should start the process now. You do not have to wait for registration to begin.


The orientation/tutorial has been updated with new and important changes. Students who completed an earlier online orientation must complete the current orientation and related quiz.  Older versions are no longer valid. If a student does not see the orientation in their CANVAS courses, the student must request to be added in order to complete the current orientation and quiz.

If you do not have access to the CRIM Mandatory Pre-Internship Orientation on your CANVAS portal, please email Dr. Schweizer at to be added.

PLEASE NOTE: only email a permission number request if you plan on taking CRIM 180I in Fall of 2022, in order for us to process the request in a more timely manner. Specify the semester when emailing.


It is imperative for students interested in being placed to submit the required INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT REQUEST immediately after registering for the course. Placements will be provided on a first come, first served basis and Summer placements may be filled as soon as registgration is available (sometime in late March or in April).  The placement process for Fall 2022 begins as soon as registration is open, but students can email for permission numbers earlier following the requirements enumerated on this page.  Students should not wait until the last day before a semester begins before requesting a permission number.

Students will have access to other internship course documents and additional information as soon as they are registered.

DO NOT send email through CANVAS. Email Dr. Schweizer at and use your regular Fresno State student email address.

Internship Class meeting dates:

Summer Intersession 2022 Mandatory Meetings
Zoom links emailed to all registered students

Zoom links emailed to all registered students

Date Time Location
23 May 2022 1000-1200  Zoom
27 May 2022 1000-1200  Zoom
6 June 2022 1200-1400  Zoom

Fall 2022 Mandatory meetings-Also see the syllabus

Zoom links will be emailed to all registered students only.

Mandatory Meetings*
Date Time Location 
24 August* 1700-2000 Zoom
7 September* 1700-2000 Zoom
28 September* 1700-2000 Zoom
7 December (as needed) 1700-2000 Zoom

Meeting Topics (at the second mandatory meeting):
Meetings remain online via Zoom. All topics and related information will be provided in an online mode and recordings of meetings are linked on Canvas

1. Placement and Discussion of Job Descriptions and Applications

2. Applications and Behavioral Expectations

3. Oral Boards

4. Background Investigations

5. Psychological Testing

6. Final class meeting-all required material must be turned in 

Students will have the opportunity to indicate their interest in an actual placement (virtual or in-person) when they first request a permission number, unless they have already been accepted by an agency on their own and the placement has been approved by the internship or the placement coordinator. (Dr. Schweizer and Ms. Acosta-Mabrey) After approval, such students must complete the self placement portion of the required placement request and email it to Dr. Schweizer.   The placement request is linked on this page and also accessible at the internship tutorial site.

CRIM 180I SAMPLE PDF FORMS  (DO NOT USE) updated or current forms will be provided through Canvas once students are enrolled in the course.

There are some face to face internship placements for students who qualify and are also willing to perform internship hours at their own risk. The risk levels are subject to change, as agencies are may be less restrictive in accepting internship students as the Corona situation changes.

Other placements involving online activities may also be available. Students may decline actual placement and opt to complete alternative assignments to learn about CJ careers to complete the internship requirement, based on their individual situation.

It is imperative for students interested in being placed to submit the required INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT REQUEST immediately after registering for the course. Placements will be provided on a first come, first served basis and may be filled by the starting date of the fall semester.

Students currently employed in the criminal justice field or a related area, should contact Dr. Schweizer to determine if the employment hours can be used as part of the internship requirements.

Students will have access to internship course documents and additional information as soon as they are registered.

For professional experience substitution consideration, consult your assigned internship faculty prior to or during the first internship meeting.  


For more information, please contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. H.O. Schweizer.