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Internship (CRIM 180I) Requirements

Any changes after the COVID-19 restrictions end will be posted here.

1.       Students must have completed at least 90 units at the end of the semester preceding their internship but may be placed on a wait list if they are not graduating at the end of the internship semester, to ensure that graduating seniors can completed their internship requirement.

 Students should not expect to be placed with an agency if they are taking 15 or more  units in the desired semester for internship. Students are typically unable to complete their hours when the are already enrolled for 15  academic units, not counting the internship class.

Open only to Criminology department majors. Prerequisites: CRIM 1, CRIM 2, CRIM 20 (A letter grade of a C or better must be awarded BEFORE you can register). Co-requisite: CRIM 112/FBS 114 and senior standing, or permission by instructor/internship coordinator. Students signed up for CRIM 112 or FBS 114 in their last semester are eligible to sign up for CRIM 180I internship concurrently. Graduating seniors have priority when registering.
FBS students can now sign up for internship if they have completed the pre-requisites.  Permission numbers will be issued until internship sections have filled. FBS students will be allowed to register on a space available basis but must meet the same pre-requisites.
Eligible students may be issued a permission number to register AFTER they email their DPR in PDF format to Dr. Schweizer ( and it is determined that they have met the pre-requisites.
All DPRs must be saved with the student 'last and first name and the word 'DPR the year of the semester or intersession interested in.
Example: "DPR Duck, Donald May 2024 intersession internship" or "DPR Duck, Donald Fall 2024 internship"
Be sure to specify or elaborate on your request when you email and always put a SUBJECT in the SUBJECT LINE or the email will not be responded to
.  You must also indicate your criminology option.

Always use your official name shown on your DPR and use your student email address when emailing.


Tentative meetings (Zoom) 0900-1100 Monday 20 May, 1500-1700 Monday 27 May, 1500-1700 Friday 7 June

Last meeting is optional depending on circumstances-need.  Meetings via zoom are recorded and posted on CANVAS. Dates/times subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

FALL 2024 INTERNSHIPS: Not all sections are open for registration yet, and permission numbers will be sent out as they become available. If you requested but have not received one withhin 3-4 days, that means there is NONE available yet.

Permission numbers are issued for each section, beginning with section 1, until the sections are filled. You cannot request a particular section. Internship sections are all the SAME but split for administrative purposes.

 The DPR requirement is the same in each semester or intersession.

Emailed DPRs must be in the following format and look like the example below:

DPR Instructions

If your DPR download does not look like above, you are either not following the instructions, or are using a cell phone/browser version with limited functionality. Such DPRs will be rejected.

After students are registered, they must quickly complete the tutorial and also upload one of the following, depending on circumstances:
The below documents are accessible in the internship sections on CANVAS once registered. Student access to the course on CANVAS is not immediate. Students should wait 48 hours for the course to show up.
1. Internship Placement Request (If you want the department to place you)
2. Self-Placement Form (when agency is first approved Dr. Schweizer and Mrs. Rosalinda Acosta/Mabrey
3. Waiver of internship hours (if you do not desire placement)
     Students who do not desire placement for legitimate  reasons, are given research assignments, documents to
     completed, and are required to
keep a log of their course activities instead of working with an area organization.
4. A request to use current CJ related employment instead of an internship placement with another agency
The above documents are vital in determining suitable placements and also to assess the number of placements needed.  For that reason, it is important that students provide those documents before the actual start of their internship semester and immediately after you register for the class.
Any desired placement may not be possible if a student waits for the start of the semester  to register and then submits the placement documents. Students will be directed to potential openings on a first come/first served basis. This will occur through zoom placement meetings that are scheduled as soon as the internship section is open for registration, and only for registered students, and after a student has uploaded a placement document indicating a desire to be place with an agency. 
This is not relevant for students who placed themselves, completed a waiver, or are currently employed in a qualifying capacity. Students currently employed with a CJ related agency are still required to sign up for internship but have modified requirements once registered. They must also contact R. Acosta and Dr. Schweizer immediately after registering for internship
Students finding their own placement must  contact R. Acosta and Dr. Schweizer for approval.  Such students may  not use any agency used for regular placements in order to avoid unneccesary confusion.

Students registered for the prior semester (Spring 2024 or earlier) cannot re-register for Fall 2024 or the May 2024 intersession internship, without first contacting Dr. Schweizer and R. Acosta.

Only students who  are registered and completed the tutorial/orientation that is posted in their class section,  and a placement request, will be allowed to enter the zoom based placement meeting. 
Students who do not upload their placement request in a timely fashion, and immediately after registration, may not have the opportunity for an actual internship, and have to opt for alternative research assignments that are posted for each internship section.  These alternative assignments can also be selected by students who have health or other complications that would interfere with actual internship hours at an area agency.
Resumes will have to be uploaded within two weeks after the first internship meeting, where we will discuss the writing of a resume.  You will also need to write a cover letter. Additional information is posted and available on CANVAS.  Some Fall 2024 documents are still being generated and will be posted by summer.
DO NOT send email through CANVAS. Email Dr. Schweizer at and use your regular Fresno State student email address.

Internship Class meeting dates:

Zoom links emailed to all registered students


Zoom links are posted in each internship section

Mandatory Meetings*
Date Time Location 
24 January 1700-2000* Zoom
31 January 1700-2000* Zoom
7 February 1700-2000* Zoom
8 May 1700-2000 as needed Zoom

Meeting Topics
Meetings remain online via Zoom. All topics and related information will be provided in an online mode and IN recordings of meetings that are linked on Canvas

Wednesday 24 January 1700-2000
Placement, course requirements, overview
Wednesday 31 January  1700-2000
Placement process and course progress observations
Wednesday 7  February  1700-2000
1. Placement and Discussion of Job Descriptions and Applications
2. Applications and Behavioral Expectations
3. Oral Boards
4. Background Investigations
5. Psychological Testing
Wednesday 8 May 1700-1900
Optional meeting for students requiring additional assistance/guidance and review of required course documents/assignments.
Students report their progress, either involving the alternative assignments or actual internship hours at their agency. Followup on internships in progress and instructions for completing the course over the summer.

Students who cannot  be placed or whose personal situation precludes an actual placement with an agency, can select ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENTS once they are registered. These assignments are designed to expose the student to the hiring standards and related processes with criminal justice agencies or related non profit organizations.

Students who are enrolling in 18 or more units in any internship semester, will not be given a placement with an agency.  The department makes a commitment that students we place are able to complete 120 hours within the semester and after the background check and approval by the agency.  This is not realistic when taking 18 or more units. Such students should select the alternative assignments or find their own placement (agency) after approval by Dr. Schweizer and Ms.Rosalinda Acosta-Mabrey.

CRIM 180I SAMPLE PDF FORMS  (DO NOT USE) updated or current forms will be provided through Canvas once students are enrolled in the course.

There are  face to face internship placements for students who qualify and are also willing to perform internship hours at their own risk. The risk levels are subject to change, as agencies are may be less restrictive in accepting internship students as the Corona situation changes.

Other placements involving online activities may also be available. Students may decline actual placement and opt to complete alternative assignments to learn about CJ careers to complete the internship requirement, based on their individual situation.

It is imperative for students interested in being placed to submit the required INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT REQUEST immediately after registering for the course. Placements will be provided on a first come, first served basis and may be filled by the starting date of the spring 2023 semester.

Students currently employed in the criminal justice field or a related area, should contact Dr. Schweizer to determine if the employment hours can be used as part of the internship requirements.

Students will have access to internship course documents and additional information as soon as they are registered.

For professional experience substitution consideration, consult your assigned internship faculty prior to or during the first internship meeting.  


For more information, please contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. H.O. Schweizer.