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Honors Program

Be one of a select cohort of students who will graduate with a B.S. in Criminology or Forensic Behavioral Sciences (FBS) with an Honors distinction.

 Admission Considerations:

  • A minimum 3.5 GPA (major and overall) is required prior to admission to the Honors Program.
  • Applicants usually apply for admission to the Honors Program as a Fresno State second semester sophomore student or as a transfer student (in the Spring semester prior to transfer). However, students can apply earlier or later. The most important thing with regards to timing is that students have at least two full years left at Fresno State.
  • Preferential consideration will be given to students who display exceptional academic, extracurricular, and community service performance prior to their junior year.
  • Students should not have already taken CRIM 100 and/or CRIM 170 (or PSYCH 144).


Application Period:

Applications are emailed to eligible Fresno State Criminology and FBS students early in the Spring semester (usually mid to late February). If you have questions, and/or believe that you should have been emailed an application, please contact Dr. Jenna Kieckhaefer at

Transfer students are encouraged to contact Dr. Kieckhaefer at the beginning of the Spring semester prior to the transfer, even if you aren’t yet admitted to the University.


Requirements for Successful Completion of the Honors Program:

  • Maintain an overall cumulative GPA, and an overall major GPA, of 3.5 or higher each semester while enrolled in the program. Students must have both GPAs at or above 3.5 to graduate with Honors.
  • Complete one required Honors course each semester for four continuous semesters (four classes = two academic years). Typically students will complete Honors versions of CRIM 100 and CRIM 170 each Fall and two courses of CRIM 160H each Spring.
  • Maintain a full-time course load of 12 credits or more.