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Minor in Sociology

With a grounding in critical thinking, statistics, and upper division electives, the minor in sociology is a strong addition to any major, particularly Criminology and Criminal Justice, Chicano and Latin American Studies, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Political Science, Social Work, and Mass Communication & Journalism.

Overall, the minor is a significant benefit for any student who wants to understand human behavior, navigate complex social institutions, and understand the varied social forces shaping everyday life.

Numerous majors have found a minor in sociology to be particularly beneficial for daily life as well as their careers.

Beyond these advantages, you may earn the minor in sociology without any additional time or money, merely advanced planning, because you are able to double-count courses towards both GE or University requirements and the sociology minor. 

For example, within the sociology minor:

  • Soc 1/1S double counts for GE Area D3
  • Soc 3/3S double counts for GE Area A3 (Critical Thinking)
  • Soc 130W/WS double counts for the Upper Division Writing Requirement
  • Soc 131, Soc 143, & Soc 163 double count for Upper Division GE Area ID
  • Soc 158 double counts for Upper Division GE Area IB
  • Soc 111 & Soc 142 double count for the University M/I Requirement

See a faculty advisor or COSS advisor for any questions.

Minor Requirements (22 units)

Minor Requirements: 7 units

Soc 1/1S (3 units) - Introduction to Sociology

Soc 125* (4 units) - Statistics for the Social Sciences

Sociology electives: 15 units

(choose from Soc 3/3S and any upper division sociology courses)

Total: 22 units

Note: Other statistics courses may be used to fulfill the SOC 125 requirement, although 22 units of sociology coursework must be completed. The Sociology Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence. CR/NC grading is not permitted in the Sociology Minor, except for courses offered only under CR/NC grading.