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What Makes Our Department Unique

aka: Why You Should Major or Minor in Sociology

Social Justice and Public Sociology Orientation

The program is grounded in the discipline of sociology for a human rights perspective emphasizing social, economic, and environmental justice. We seek to train students to use sociological theories and methods to engage in debates about public policy, to organize communities for political activism, to understand the relationship between oppression and resistance, and to operate nonprofit community benefit organizations seeking social change.

Beyond the Classroom Learning

Throughout the curriculum students have the opportunity to be involved in the process of "learning by doing" that goes beyond the textbook and the classroom.  From internships at local nonprofit and public agencies to alternative spring breaks and service learning courses to applied research projects, students are expected to engage with everyday life through applying sociological theories and methods to their own lives and those who live in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley.

Rigorous Research Preparation

Through a two-sequence methods requirement, along with additional elective options in methods, students acquire the skills to conduct quantitative and qualitative social science research, from statistical data collection and analysis to interviewing, participation observation, and content analysis.  Skill sets that prepare students for graduate school, careers in social service and nonprofit organizations, and employment in the fields of politics, communications, public relations, and marketing.

Beyond the BA Orientation

The program emphasizes a multiplicity of ways to engage with a sociological analysis of social life. Be it through a major  or minor in sociology, affiliated minors and majors in (Women’s Studies, Chicano & Latin American Studies, Criminology, Social Work, Anthropology, and Political Science), in-department certificate programs in Applied Research or Leadership for Community Benefit Organizations (CBOs), or other certificate programs at Fresno State that specialize in serving at-risk youth, cross-cultural competency, social justice and social change, racial understanding, and global awareness. All of these opportunities prepare you for a job right after graduation or for graduate school. Check out where are graduates are now.

Engaged Faculty with Expertise

Our faculty are known as charismatic, supportive, motivating, and approachable.  They are also nationally recognized in their fields of expertise, ranging from gender and race & ethnicity to medical sociology and religion to environmental sustainability and food justice.  Most importantly they are engaged in bringing their know-how and research skills to improving the quality of life for everyone living, working, and playing in the San Joaquin Valley.

Amazing Students

Join a department where students reflect the diversity of life in the San Joaquin Valley.  This student body creates a unique environment that facilitates robust and captivating in-class debates on racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty, and inequality, among other topics.  This diversity is a tremendous asset to your education, will keep you engaged in class, and will push you to cultivate the cultural competency and cultural humility vital to living and working in a multicultural world.