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B.A. in Sociology

The B.A. in Sociology provides students with a rigorous education in theory, methods, and social justice, one that cultivates in the graduate the critical thinking skills to grasp the complex interplay between their own biography and the broader historical moment in which they life, the dynamic and mutually constitutive relationship between individuals, social groups, and institutions, and the constant push and pull between oppression and resistance.  Along the way, students will also develop skills in data collection and analysis, written and oral communication, and collaborative work processes.  For a complete list of course offerings, visit our courses page

Degree Requirements (45 units)

Tier One (Lower Division):  6 units             

SOC 1 or 1S – Principles of Sociology (3 units)

SOC 3 or 3S – Critical Thinking about Society (3 units) [SSCI 16 can be also counted for this requirement.]

(See Major Advising Note 1)

Tier Two (Upper Division):   4-8 units                                                     

SOC 125 – Statistics for the Social Sciences (4 units)

SOC 130W or WS – Contemporary Social Issues (4 units)

(See Major Advising Note 2, 5)

Tier Three (Theory & Methods Core):  16 units

SOC 151  Social Classes & Inequality (4 units)

SOC 152  Classical Sociological Theory (4 units)  OR  SOC 153  Sociological Theory (4 units)

SOC 175  Quantitative Research Methods (4 units)

SOC 176  Qualitative Research Methods (4 units)

Sociology upper-division electives (15-19 units)

General Education requirements (48 units)

Electives and remaining degree requirements* (varies)
(see Degree Requirements); may be used toward a dual major or minor

Total (120 units)


Major Advising Notes

1.  Tier One Lower Division courses—SOC 1/1S and SOC 3/3S—must be completed with a grade of C or better before enrollment in Tier Two Upper Division courses. 

2.  Tier Two Upper Division courses—SOC 125 and 130W/WS—must be completed with a grade of C or better completed before enrollment in Tier Three courses, generally before the second semester of the junior year.  

3.  Tier Three Theory and Methods Core—SOC 152 or 153, SOC 151, SOC 175, and SOC 176—must be completed with a 2.0 GPA.

4.  Upper division electives may be taken in any sequence.

5.  Students majoring in sociology are permitted to pass the Upper-Division Writing Examination (UDWE) in lieu of taking SOC 130W/WS, thus completing only one course for 4 units in Tier Two Upper Division Core. However, students must still complete a minimum of 45 units of sociology coursework for the B.A., so they would need to complete 19 units of upper division sociology elective courses.  If the student requests 1 unit of ENGL 100W for passing the UDWE, that unit will be applied to the overall elective unit total for the B.A.

6.  CR/NC grading is not permitted in the sociology major, except for courses offered only under CR/NC grading.

7.  General Education and elective units may be used toward a double major or minor (see Double Major or department minor). Consult the appropriate department chair, program coordinator, or faculty advisor for further information.

8.  No General Education Integration or Multicultural/International course offered by the Sociology Department may be used to satisfy the General Education requirements for majors in the department.

* This total indicates that 6 units of SOC 3 in G.E. Foundation A3 and SOC 1/1S in G.E. Breadth D3 also may be applied to the sociology major. Consult the department chair or faculty advisor for additional details.