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Fall 2020 Graduates: Congratulations!

Fall Grad AKD Booklet 2020

Sociology Major Graduate Photos, Thanks, and Dreams 


People who supported me on my journey: My brother Joseph D. Montoya and my mother Martha Montoya. All of my professors at Fresno State Dr. Jendian, Dr. Helsel, Dr. Cupery, Dr. Jones, Dr. Crowell, and Dr. Randles. Last but not least, I have to say thanks to all of my friends and coordinators from the OCSL and CIA for making my last semester at Fresno State the best semester.

What I hope to accomplish after graduationI hope to find a job with my major or in a leadership role as a manager or team leader. However, I plan on applying for the Master program in Student Affairs and College Counseling at Fresno State.

What I enjoyed most about my time at Fresno StateWhat I enjoyed most at Fresno State is that the university as a lot of programs and clubs to offer.


People who supported me on my journeyI would like to thank my family, my boyfriend and my friends for all their love and support.

What I hope to accomplish after graduation: I hope to get into the field and make a difference.

What I hope to accomplish after graduationThe professors and faculty, a special thanks to Dr. Helsel, Dr. Sullivan, and Dr. Jendian for the lessons taught. I will forever be fortunate to have been in enrolled in their class.

People who supported me on my journey:  I would like to thank my parents Maria & Francisco Frias for helping me throughout my college experience. I would also like to thank my siblings Iris, Ashley, & Brandon. Last but not least my amazing niece Valeria & nephew Jayden.

What I hope to accomplish after graduationI hope to become a behavioral therapist.


People who supported me on my journey: My father Wa Yeng Yang, my Mother Rose Ly, my step-father Mouachi, my auntie Hli.


People who supported me on my journeyLoved ones and amazing professors

What I hope to accomplish after graduationGoing to medical school.

What I enjoyed most about my time at Fresno State: Being a bulldog, being supported in every educational aspect by the amazing staff and faculty.

People who supported me on my journey: Dr. Simmons (Humanics Professor) Dr. Jendian (Humanics Professor & Advisor) Mark & Kelly Bauer (Parents) Nicole Rodriguez (Friend & Humanics Scholar) Eliza Jane Palao (Friend & Humanics Scholar) Coreen Campos (Mentor).

What I hope to accomplish after graduationI plan to attend graduate school to further my education in Public Sociology & Public Policy and work in the social sector. Most of all, I hope to be a facilitator of social change in my community.

What I enjoyed most about my time at Fresno State: I greatly enjoyed the lifelong friendships and connections that I made through Humanics.

Sociology Major Graduate List

Cesilia Acevedo

Kevin Atkins

Emily Bauer

Gabriela Yosemete Berben-Rodriguez

Lucy Lou Bobenrieth

Kwyera Nycole Brown ~

Yoana Magdalena bucio-mendoza

Stephanie Butler Sorsky

Daisy Camacho

Maria N. Canseco Castro

Maiah Nicole Cedillo

Karina Cortez Cardenas ~

Valerieanne Delacruz

Victoria Rose Delao ~

Jennifer Esmeralda Diaz

Briana Elizondo Anguiano

Dezarae Flores

Samantha Noemi Flores

Katherine Frias

Ericka Soledad Fuentes

Brandon Lee Garrett

Greg G. Gaxiola

Selena Tania Gonzalez Andrade

Marisela Gonzalez Perez

Zachary Martin Graffi 

Margarita Hernandez

Yesica Ibarra Campos

Silvia Lopez

Erika Lizett Lopez Perez

Taylor S. Martin ~

Alondra Martinez

Anthony Daniel Montoya

Esther Olmos

Eliza Jane Palao

Selena plancarte-arizmendi

Glendora Rodriguez-Morales

Carolina Romero

Mauricio Rosas

Elyssa Marie Sambrano

Cira Sanchez

Eduardo Sanchez

Andrea Raydeen Soto

Jovian Soto

Rachel Telfer

Juana Torres Gomez

Anthony Utterback

Shannon Raylene Valdez

Jazmin Vega

Xengyeng Christina Yang

Daisy Zavala

~ BA in Sociology Awarded Summer 2020 

Sociology Minor Graduate List

Kassandra Lizette Cervantes

Andrew Gavino Contreras

Alexandra Marie Garcia

Sandra Gonzalez

Cesar Guerrero

Marisol Gutierrez

Olivia Katherine Hayes

Alexandria Janet Mendoza

Briana Alexis Mora

Miranda Rene Perez

Zachary Samer Shaath

Alexsis Mika Vasquez


Minor in Philanthropic and Community-Based Leadership

Emily Bauer
Eliza Jane Palao
Gaonoucci Belle Vang