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Faculty in the department are committed teacher-scholars whose research directly informs what they teach about, how they teach in the classroom, and why they became teachers in the first place.  Through a curriculum rooted in theory and methods, the faculty bring their expertise and first-hand experience with the world of social research directly into the classroom to empower students to become the next generation of socially conscious and politically engaged citizens.

The research projects of faculty are shaped, in particular, by the department's focus on social inequality, social justice, and social change, as well as its commitment to improving the lives of their students and the broader Fresno community.  As a result, many faculty engage in research throughout the San Joaquin Valley, including current projects involving/studying/analyzing x, y, and z.

The department’s major areas of research include: class, race, gender, food inequities, environmental sustainability, religious conflict, and the health care system.

Current Research News

Professor Jendian and Crowell were interviewed for an article in The Atlantic on racial segregation in Fresno.

Professor Randle's research on has been published in..

Professor Myers was interviewed for an article on inequitable food access and grocery stores for an article in The New Food Economy.