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Political Science

Dr. Jeffrey Cummins


Ph.D. The Claremont Graduate University

Jeff Cummins

Office: McKee Fisk 214

Phone: 559-278-6693


Areas of expertise: State politics and government; local government; national politics; public policy.

Dr. Jeff Cummins received his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in 2003. He previously worked for the California State Auditor and the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) in Sacramento before coming to Fresno State in 2005. His teaching and research areas focus on American politics and public policy, including state politics and policy, public budgeting, and the presidency. He is author of Boom and Bust: The Politics of the California Budget (Berkeley Public Policy Press) and co-author of California: The Politics of Diversity (Cengage Learning). His research has been published in American Politics Research, State Politics and Policy Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly, and Congress and the Presidency, among other journals.

Dr. Cummins's CV.

Recent Publications

2020. "Interest Group and Political Party Influence on Growth in State Spending and Debt" with Thomas T. Holyoke. American Politics Research. 48(3): 455 - 466.

2018. "Fiscal Accountability in Gubernatorial Elections" with Thomas T. Holyoke.  State Politics & Policy Quarterly 18(4): 395 - 416.

2015.  Boom and Bust: The Politics of the California Budget.  Berkeley: Berkeley Public Policy Press.

2015.  California: The Politics of Diversity, 8th Edition.  With David G. Lawrence.  Boston: Cengage Learning.

2013.  "The Effects of Legislative Term Limits on State Fiscal Conditions."  American Politics Research 41(3): 417-442.

2012.  "An Empirical Analysis of California Budget Gridlock." State Politics & Policy Quarterly. 12(1): 23-42

2011. "Party Control, Policy Reforms, and the Impact on Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S. States." Social Science Quarterly 92(1): 246-267.

2011.  “Lobbying Strategies, Campaign Contributions, and the Impact on Indian Gaming in California.”  In The New Politics of Indian Gaming eds. Tracy A. Skopec and Kenneth N. Hansen.  Las Vegas: University of Nevada Press.

2010.  “The Partisan Considerations of the President’s Agenda.”  Polity 42(July): 398 - 422.

2010.  “State of the Union Addresses and the President’s Legislative Success.”  Congress and the Presidency 37(May): 176 – 199.

2009.  “Crime and Issue Voting in Gubernatorial Elections.”  Social Science Quarterly 90(September): 632 – 651.

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