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Political Science

Department Overview

We offer an undergraduate degree in political science and a master's degree in public administration. We also award a legal studies certificate in conjunction with the Department of Criminology and sponsor a moot court team.


Department Pride Points:

* Our political science BA program has a very high graduation rate;

* Our political science BA program has been very successful in placing our graduates in law schools and graduate programs;

* The pre-law component of our BA program offers a legal studies certificate with studies in constitutional and criminal law. The program also offers a moot court course and sponsors a very successful moot court team;

* Our Master of Public Administration program is nationally accredited;

* Our department's faculty have all received their Ph.D.s from outstanding research oriented universities and all have been active in research published in their fields (collectively publishing dozens of peer-reviewed articles and books), as well as engaging extensively in community service;

* Many of our graduates have served and do serve in Congress, in the state legislature, as city managers, as urban planners, as city council members, as judges, as mayors, as union leaders, as educators, as non-profit managers, as military officers, and as civic organizers. Numerous leaders in the San Joaquin Valley are our graduates.

Students Majoring in Political Science

Dr. Ram and StudentsOur majors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and follow many different career paths with their bachelor's degree in political science or master's degree in public administration. During their time at Fresno State our students come to know the faculty well, and in some cases are given opportunities to participate in research. Many of our students even get to present research papers at professional political science conferences. Other students become very politically active while working on their political science degrees, working on local campaigns, interning for elected officials, and even working for local, state, and federal government. Many of our students are also active in political organizations on campus.

To learn more about degree requirements, the legal studies certificate, or career opportunities for political science majors, click here.

Tim Ryan and Lisa Bryant and Timeout
Bryant and Victor E


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